Ok, yes I’m glad Matt Centrowitz won the 1500m.
With that outta the way, he ran 3:50. I’ll recite my position dating back to 1992 when Fermin Cacho won running 3:40. I dislike watching folks get on the podium at a World Championships or other major championship having run the time of a high schooler or young college athlete.
Welcome to my complete disdain for the “jog 3 laps and sprint like a mad man” so-called race strategy.

I don’t understand the concept of training hard, getting fit, then showing up on race day and treating the track like its a dice table in Las Vegas.

Training hard getting fit, then setting it all off to the side, outta your way so you can jog most of the race and try to outkick everybody.
I don’t get that.

I didn’t get that back in the day with Steve Ovett, Seb Coe, Steve Scott, Sydney Maree, Jim Spivey, Steve Holman, Jeff Atkinson, Said Aouita, Noureddine Morceli, Hicham El Guerrouj, Asbel Kiprop etc, etc. So many championships won by these folks collectively, yes,  but so many lost after running fast times earlier in the season.

And among Americans, so many left at home to watch the World Championships or other major championships on TV after running a fast time earlier in the season then rolling the dice, treating the track in the final at the USA Track & Field Championships like a dice table in Las Vegas, finishing 4th or worse as a result. Why not just attempt to run up to your fitness level and embrace the outcome of that.

Consistent behavior across a period of years in the men’s hurdles contributed to forcing the creation of the “no false start” rule for everybody across all running events.  Perhaps its time for a “no medals” rule for the men’s 1500m.
To qualify for major championships you already have to not only be among the top 3 from your country but you have to hit a qualifying time also. Maybe its time to set a minimum qualifying time for medals as well.

Anything slower than the cut-off time and all you get is a handshake and a pat on the back. No medals, no prize money checks. You run slower than 3:30 or 3:32 in the final, congrats on winning or placing but no medal for you.

Sorry, not sorry.

Probably set the cut-off at whatever time was #8 or #10 on the world list in the previous year.

Medals at elite championships should be earned via elite level performances.