The war on sugar.
Just like the last decade’s war on fat and the 1990’s war on cholesterol there are a large number of friendly fire and collateral damage incidents taking place.
If you’re in your 40’s or older, the cholesterol that your bottle of lipitor or crestor or pravastain is preventing your brain from getting is one day gonna be quite regrettable for you, your family, and whoever has to be your caretaker.

Not a good idea to look at the fat in the cod you just reeled in during your fishing trip to Alaska the same way you look at the fat of the bacon in your pan that came from an animal that lived most of its life in a small cage and fed whatever.

And in the war on sugar, understand that the sugar in organic Aloe juice isn’t the sugar in Kool Aid. There are sugars that suppress immune cell function and there are sugars that enhance it. There are sugars essential to life and there are sugars that are accelerating your rate of aging.

In the war on cholesterol, fat, red meat, and sugar be careful.
There are many fire and brimstone nutrition preachers not carefully railing against whatever the latest thing to rail against happens to be. The outcome for many well meaning listeners is that essential nutrients for long term health become the victims of friendly fire and end up as collateral damage.

cholesterol………..there do exist essential functions in the body
Fat……………………there do exist essential fatty acids
protein………………there do exist essential amino acids
carbohydrate…….there do exist essential sugars

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.