TheETG primary training program principles……

1 — Stay anabolic. Keep the body in an anabolic state. If you get that done everything moves forward. If you don’t get that done, nothing else matters. Be highly aggressive at preventing the gradual pile-up of job time, travel, stress, lack of downtime, etc. And in this modern era of distance running it goes without saying that you should permanently place days off in your training program. That’s days, as in the plural form of that word. As in more than one.

2 — — Relatively high velocity aerobic training in interval form is all that matters. The faster you train the less frequently you’ll need to train and the lower the training volume required in your training. Repetitions in the corridor of 400m to 1 mile, the corridor of 1 – 7 minutes of relatively high intensity running. Those workouts should never be “periodized” out of a training program. They shouldn’t come and go across the course of a year or sport season as is the traditional approach in our sport. Their presence should be permanent. At the cellular level both endurance and speed emanate from relatively high velocity aerobic training. You’ll have “speed” whether you do sprints or not, you’ll have endurance whether you do “long runs” or not.

3 — Hamstring, calf, or quad issues occur at times when your fitness level is moving forward. The rate of tissue tightening as your fitness level progresses in any given week may exceed the rate [frequency of stretching] and/or effectiveness of your stretching protocol. Such issues may be independent of the strength or lack there-of…of those tissues. Strength training is the most effective rehab approach but not the primary mechanism of prevention.

So stay anabolic, have 100% of your workouts consist of reps between 400m to 1 mile, and do formal stretch sessions somewhat frequently to keep up with the rate of tissue tightening as your fitness level moves forward. Do these things and you remove the major limitations and road blocks that are embedded in most traditional approach training programs in our sport.