“This study aimed to quantify differences in patellofemoral joint stress that may occur when healthy runners alter their foot strike pattern from their habitual rearfoot strike to a forefoot strike to gain insight on the potential etiology and treatment methods of patellofemoral pain.”

“16 healthy female runners completed 20 running trials in a controlled laboratory setting under rearfoot strike and forefoot strike conditions.”

“Altering one’s strike pattern to a forefoot strike results in consistent reductions in patellofemoral joint stress independent of changes in step length. Thus, implementation of forefoot strike training programs may be warranted in the treatment of runners with patellofemoral pain. However, it is suggested that the transition to a forefoot strike pattern should be completed in a graduated manner.”

C.H.Vannatta, T.W.Kernozek
Patellofemoral Joint Stress during Running with Alterations in Foot Strike Pattern
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise — Volume 47 #5 — May 2015 — page 1001


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