“Nucleotide supplementation can reduce postexercise immunosuppression and hypothalamic-pituitary axis activation in endurance exercise models. Nucleotide supplementation may aid recovery from other exercise modalities, such as heavy resistance exercise.”
“Thus, the purpose of this investigation was to investigate the effects of nucleotide supplementation on the acute cortisol and immune responses to heavy resistance exercise and its effects on recovery.”

“A double-blinded, crossover, mixed methods design with 10 men and 10 women was used. Each performed an acute heavy resistance exercise protocol after a loading period with a nucleotide or placebo supplement.”

“Before and after the acute heavy resistance exercise protocol, and at 24, 48, and 72 hours post, blood samples were analyzed for cortisol, myeloperoxidase, and absolute neutrophil, lymphocyte, and monocyte counts. Creatine kinase was analyzed before and 24, 48, and 72 hours after the acute heavy resistance exercise protocol .”

“Performance measures, including peak back squat isometric force and peak countermovement jump power were also analyzed.”

“Nucleotide supplementation resulted in significant decreases in cortisol and myeloperoxidase immediately after the acute heavy resistance exercise protocol, and significantly lower C creatine kinase values 24 hours later.”

“Greater isometric force was observed immediately after acute heavy resistance exercise protocol and at 24 hours and 48 hours with nucleotide supplementation. Nucleotide supplementation seems to attenuate muscle damage, hypothalamic-pituitary axis and immune system activation, and performance decrements after heavy resistance exercise.”

A.J.Sterczala, et al
Physiological Effects of Nucleotide Supplementation on Resistance Exercise Stress in Men and Women
Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research — Volume 30 #2 — February 2016 — page 569


I’m not a big fan of doing or consuming things for “recovery” but am definitely into doing or consuming things for improving adaptions to training. Particularly in the areas related to the process of gene transcription, translation, brain & nervous system function, and immune function. The holy grail of long term sport performance.
The info in the study above applies to all training in general, not just strength training.

My chosen nucleotide supplements………
— ribose powder [brand name Jarrow Formulas]
— liquid colostrum [brand name PerCoBa]
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