2016 coming to a close.
Not my greatest of years but certainly in the ballpark.
This year the ball was advanced pretty far in all areas except getting fit enough to run races.
In 2016 I revamped my website, attended my first annual meeting of USA Track & Field since the late 1990’s. Got caught-up on keeping-up with research reading in my list of about 60 research journals that I’ve followed since 1991. Started [at least] being able to speak in short sentences in the languages I’ve been working on since around 2005 [Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish].
On the running races front, at present I can’t say with 100% certainty that I’ll be racing in 2017.
I will be, with some significant degree of certainty racing in March 2018, indoor USA Track & Field Championships men’s 800m….the first round at least, if not the final. Obviously I’ll run one or 2 meets prior to that to get a qualifying time. Since this project has taken me so long [over 20 years longer than originally planned] the age thing will be newsworthy but hopefully -not- more so than TheETG training program at less than 5% of the required mileage of a more traditional approach. “Disruptive innovation” was the original objective when I started in the early 1990’s. This training program definitely moves that needle.