Base Building Miles Day

A moderate to fast pace run done in interval form on a mega-sized hills course in “The Hill Country” of northwest Austin, usually run on the 1rst day of each month. 2 mile run in interval form [2 x 1 mile] with full recovery in between each. TheETG training program’s velocity oriented, “all intervals all the time” replacement for what practitioners of traditional training programs call a “tempo run”, a “long run”, and “altitude training” [altitude training is more about the hills that come with mountains than the air at altitude]. My 1 mile loop course is located on the mega-sized hills in the Far West blvd area of Austin…..starts on Hart lane [at Greystone] to Executive Center Drive to Wood Hollow to Greystone near Hart lane.


Target pace for the first of these workouts was set conservatively at 8:20 mile pace.

— since then I have completed progressions at 8:20, 8:00, 7:40

— now training at 7:20.

— after I finish at 7:20 my next target pace will be 7:00. I move forward at 20 second increments. When I get to 5:00 mile pace I’ll go to 10 second increments.