“Spinal cord injury is a traumatic event from which there is limited recovery of function, despite the best efforts of many investigators to devise realistic therapeutic treatments. Partly this is due to the multifaceted nature of spinal cord injury, where there is considerable disarray and dysfunction secondary to the initial injury.”

“Here we focus on a single strategy, exercise/physical training, which appears to have multiple applications and benefits for an acute or chronic Spinal cord injury.”
“Exercise has been demonstrated to be advantageous at cellular and biochemical levels, as well as being of benefit for the whole animal or human subject.”
Data from our lab and others will be discussed to further elucidate the many positive aspects of implementing exercise following injury and to suggest that rehabilitation is not the sole target of a training regimen following Spinal cord injury.”
H.R. Sandrow-Feinberg, J.D. Houle
Exercise after spinal cord injury as an agent for neuroprotection, regeneration and rehabilitation
Brain Research — Volume 1619 — September 4, 2015 — page 12

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