“Chronic alcohol consumption causes multifaceted damage to the central nervous system….”
S.Samantaray, et al
Chronic intermittent ethanol induced axon and myelin degeneration is attenuated by calpain inhibition
Brain Research — Volume 1622 — October 5, 2015 — page 7
— alcohol metabolism product = acetaldehyde….a pro-oxidant
— acetaldehyde inhibits DNA repair enzymes
— acetaldehyde alters cell membranes, causes inflamatory reactions
— acetaldehyde leads to increases in homocysteine
— acetaldehyde leads to glutathione depletion [the human body’s anti-oxidant defense]
— alcohol increases estradiol [estrogen] levels 300% for 4 – 5 hours [to levels above that achieved via estrogen replacement therapy]. The effects are cumulative.

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