type 2 diabetes -vs- short duration high intensity training……

“This study investigated effects of high-intensity aerobic interval training on….Hemoglobin type A1C, insulin resistance….blood pressure, and blood lipid profile among persons with Type 2 diabetes.”

“38 individuals with Type 2 diabetes completed 12 weeks of supervised training. high-intensity aerobic interval training consisted of 4 × 4 minutes of walking or running uphill at 85–95% of maximal heart rate….”

“…..a reduction in HbA1c by −0.58% points (from 7.78 to 7.20%) was found in high-intensity aerobic interval training.”

“These improvements were significant different from Moderate intensity training.”

“High-intensity aerobic interval training is an effective exercise strategy to improve aerobic fitness and reduce risk factors associated with Type 2 diabetes.

E.M.Støa, et al
High-intensity aerobic interval training improves aerobic fitness and HbA1c among persons diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
European Journal of Applied Physiology — Volume 117 #3 — March 2017 — page 455


“We tested the hypothesis that low-volume high-intensity swimming has a larger impact on insulin sensitivity and glucose control than high-volume low-intensity swimming in inactive premenopausal women with mild hypertension.”
“62 untrained premenopausal women…..”

“15-week intervention period, high-intensity performed 3 weekly 6 – 10 × 30-seconds all-out swimming intervals interspersed by 2-minute recovery periods…..”
“….low-intensity swam continuously for 1 hour at low intensity…”

“These findings suggest that low-volume high-intensity intermittent swimming is an effective and time-efficient training strategy for improving insulin sensitivity, glucose control and biomarkers of vascular function in inactive, middle-aged mildly hypertensive women.”

L.J.Connolly, et al
Low-volume high-intensity swim training is superior to high-volume low-intensity training in relation to insulin sensitivity and glucose control in inactive middle-aged women
European Journal of Applied Physiology — Volume 116 #10 — October 2016 — page 1889