The foolishness that is the belief in the efficacy of drugs, is once again stumbling the believers. So now the latest round of silliness is the idea of pressing the delete button on all world records. Start the entire list over again. Hmmm. I thought folks that believe in the efficacy of drugs were of the opinion that “the drug cheats will always be one step ahead of the scientists”. If we take that belief system to its logical conclusion what purpose is there to starting a new world record list. By definition it doesn’t matter whether there’s drug testing or not because “the drug cheats will always be one step ahead”. And the proposal comes with a 10 year cut-off. If the “drug cheat” can stay far enough ahead that their sample can survive 10 years of “the scientists” trying to catchup, then the world record stays on the books in year 10-plus-1 second. Such are the pretzels folks get twisted into with the belief in the efficacy of drugs.

That idea obviously ignores legal and financial issues involved.
I wanna be a fly on the wall inside the room when one of these believers volunteers to be the one to explain to the CEO’s of companies that are endorsement clients of various world record holders.
And for some reason Mr Coe is in favor of saying he never ran 1:41 for 800m.

I’d like to suggest that folks at the governing body level take a moment to consider reality in our sport…….
—– Drug efficacy believers wanna believe that record performances are impossible without drugs.

—– They wanna believe that everybody in a World Championship final are taking drugs. Read any thread on any track or running related internet forum from the last 2 decades.

—– There exists no method of deleting blind accusations and innuendo from our sport or any other sport.
Reality in our sport = the athlete I like is clean, everybody else is on drugs.

Drug use and drug testing are a sham and a scam. Yall are gonna bend yourselves into pretzels over this issue. Stop. Put data ahead of your dogma.

drugs & drug testing, sham & scam —–