Base Building Hills Day [2 x half-mile]

A moderate to fast pace run done in interval form on a mega-sized hills course in “The Hill Country” of northwest Austin, usually run on the 7th day of each month. 1 mile run in interval form [2 x half-mile] with full recovery in between each. TheETG training program’s velocity oriented, “all intervals all the time” replacement for what practitioners of traditional training programs call a “tempo run”, a “long run”, and “altitude training” [altitude training is more about the hills that come with mountains than the air at altitude]. My half-mile course is located on the mega-sized hills in the Far West blvd area of Austin…..starts on Woodhollow at Spicewood Springs, to Greystone, finish on Greystone.


Target pace for the first of these workouts was set conservatively at 3:40 [7:20 mile pace].

since then I have completed progressions at 3:40, 3:30, 3:20

— I move forward at 10 second increments.

now training at 3:10 [6:10 mile pace]

— When I get to 2:30 [5:00 mile pace] I’ll go to 5 second increments.