USADA “report” on Alberto Salazar and athletes in the Nike Oregon Project was published online by FloTrack here in Austin Texas. Supposedly a “confidential” report USADA provided to the Texas Medical Board in response to a subpoena. Unless there are anti-Salazar track fans at the Texas Medical Board, it appears that USADA’s approach is to get a conviction in the court of public opinion if they can’t get one by following their own rules or the laws of the state of Texas.

Noteworthy is that about 99% of the “report” is about an amino acid, vitamin D, and thyroid hormone.

Good luck with that.

The “report”, rather than looking like a collection of facts that provide a narrative, instead reads more like a propaganda piece designed to be “leaked”. A document that suggests that USADA is lacking in an internal oversight. An organization that appears to be cutting corners in spite of being the organization that claims to catch athletes supposedly cutting corners.

Organizations involved in drug testing should avoid engaging situational ethics or “contempt of cop” types of behaviors.