Christie Befort, an ex-girl friend from the mid-1990’s that I’m quite proud of.
She has close to $15 million in cancer prevention research grants from our country’s government. In the video, she presented a portion of her data at a conference last February on healthcare disparity. The conference is for the Health & Medicine division of the National Academies Of Science, Engineering, & Medicine.
She is a research professor in counseling psychology specializing in Preventive Medicine [The University of Kansas Cancer Center], and among the top researchers in the world in reversal of Obesity and by default…..prevention of cancer, especially breast cancer in women.
The bulk of her research grants are from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute [created by the “Obama Care” bill…national comparative effectiveness research program] that followed a $3 million grant from National Cancer Institute, which followed a $30,000 grant from the American Cancer Society.
Obesity in women is highest in rural areas.
Her first study demonstrating efficacy of her protocol for weight loss and maintaining it started with some women in rural Kansas.
That study expanded to 300 women across the state.
Then it expanded to 4 states [Kansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa].