Running wise today is a “rest day” in TheETG training program.
Standardized activities on the 2nd & 3rd rest days following a run training day…..
—– Inversion table
5 to 10 minutes in an inverted position.
Opposite positions…..periodically putting yourself into opposition positions from the one’s you spend much or most of your time day to day over the course of years and decades is a very good idea either physically and/or physiologically. If you sit for most of the day your back, hips, and knees are in a flexion position, good to get into extension for a few minutes each day. Likewise if you spend much or most of the day in an upright position its a good idea to spend a few minutes each day in a reclined or inverted position either via a yoga pose or inversion table.

—– Range Of Motion exercises [ROM’s]
Long hold stretching session, 4 minutes for each stretch. Just as strength training can be a stimulus for muscles and tendons to grow in width, long hold stretching such as for 4 minutes for each stretch is a stimulus for muscles and tendons to grow in length resulting in a maintained or increased range of motion. In TheETG we don’t do traditional stretching before or after workouts. We have formal stretch sessions [Range Of Motion Day] spread across the month all year around.
Entire session takes about 80 to 90 minutes. TheETG stretches……
— hip external rotators
— hip internal rotators
— hip adductors
— quadriceps
— hamstrings
— calf
— soleus
— plantar fascia
— anterior tibialis
— pec major

—– TheETG supplemental exercises……
— exercise 1 = Wall Hand Stands. push-ups in a hand stand position, use a wall as a back-stop. 2 reps slowly, 2 sets
— exercise 2 = Balance. eyes closed, stand on one leg, do 1/4 squat then return to starting position. 2 reps slowly, 2 sets
— exercise 3 = .jack-knife situps, combination of simultaneously done sits-ups and leg raises. 20 reps slowly, 2 sets
— exercise 4 = Back Extensions. laying prone, raise upper-torso slightly off the ground. 20 reps slowly, 2 sets


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