in photo…..Late morning track workout in my kind of weather.
Sunny & temps in the 90’s in downtown Austin, Texas.

Base Building 400’s Day run on the track [2 x 400m].
Target pace was 65 [4:20 mile pace]….ran 66.

Will stick with this target pace for this workout next month instead of moving on to 60 [4:00 mile pace].

Ditched this workout for several months, changing it to 600’s instead. Decided to go back to 400’s since it may be wiser over the long term of many years to have been doing the higher velocity 400’s instead of the slower 600’s. In the grand scheme of the other 4 running workouts each month in TheETG training program having this workout at 400m may prove to be the best training stimulus. Also moved this workout up in the month in between the 2 longer [miles & 800s] interval workouts off the track on hills.
Base Building 400’s Day…..Moderate to fast pace run done in interval form on the track, usually run on the 7th day of each month. TheETG velocity oriented version of what is called a “tempo run” in a traditional training program.
1/2 mile run in interval form [2 x 400m] with full recovery between each rep.
Target pace for the first of these workouts was set conservatively at 75 seconds [5:00 mile pace].
— since then I have completed progressions at 75, 70
— I move forward at 5 second increments.
— now training at 65 seconds [4:20 mile pace]
— When I get to 55 I’ll go to 2 second increments.