“A total of 20 sprinters (10 Male, 10 Female), including world-class and elite athletes, were assessed. Start phases from the “set” position to the first two steps were analysed.”

“Linear regression analyses showed a few significant differences between sexes when taking into account the effect of performance level: Males had shorter pushing phase duration, higher horizontal velocity at block clearing, and shorter contact times of the first two steps. Conversely, the performance level affected most of the examined parameters: faster sprinters showed the centre of mass closer to the ground and a more flexed front knee in the “set” position, longer pushing phase duration, lower vertical velocity of the center of mass at block clearing, and longer contact times and shorter flight times in the first two steps.”

S.Ciacci, et al
Sprint start kinematics during competition in elite and world-class male and female sprinters
Journal Of Sport Sciences — Volume 35 #13 — 2017 — page 1270