I attended just about all of the annual meetings during the decade of the 1990’s. My first was in Washington D.C. around 1988 or 89. In the 2000’s I pretty much checked out of the sport for quite a while to focus on designing what will hopefully be a disruptive innovation type of training program. In 2016 started the process of getting back into the sport by attending my first annual meeting [Orlando, Florida] in about 15 or 16 years. Have returned to attending these consistently. I’ll be at the 2017 annual meeting. In August, bought my plane ticket and made hotel reservations for the meeting in Columbus, Ohio November 29 – December 4.

Committee meetings I’ll be attending……

— Athletes Advisory committee

— Opening session

— Coaching Advisory committee

— U.S. Track Meet Directors Association

— Law & Legislation committee

— Closing session

— USA Track & Field Board Of Directors meeting