Strength training day at the gym.
I do my bounding exercise last. Before heading home I thought I’d see if I could get to the bottom of the backboard as easily as I did toward the end of my formal basketball playing years during my early-teens.
I’m about 5’6″, weigh 120 – 123 lbs. I can still get there pretty easily.

Sometime between age 13 – 15 I was able to dunk a tennis ball.
Having not really played much basketball in the last 2 or 3 decades, just getting near the rim is a bit more of the task.

TheETG strength training consists of standardized protocol with heavy weights usually done on the 5th, 11th, 17th days of each month, all year around.
Heavy weights are a stimulus for high level strength increases via adaptations in brain and nervous system rather than a focus on increasing muscle size.
Weights at the gym……
I do 2 reps consecutively or cumulatively with heavy weight for each exercise [definition of “heavy weight” = weight I can’t lift more than 3 or 4 reps consecutively].
I’m about 5’6″, weigh 120 – 123 lbs, I do…….
— one leg 1/4 squat = 275 pounds [free weights]
— one leg calf raise = 245 pounds [free weights]
— bench press = 140 pounds [free weights]
— seated row = 210 pounds [machine….shoulder retraction w/elbows locked]

— pull-ups, palms facing one another, 3 reps slowly, 2 sets
— bar dips, 3 reps slowly, 2 sets
— single leg bounding [no weight] = 3 ground contacts one leg at a time, 2 sets

These no weight exercises at home……
— exercise 1 = wall hand stands. push-ups in a hand stand position, use a wall as a back-stop. 2 reps slowly, 2 sets
— exercise 2 = balance. eyes closed, stand on one leg, do 1/4 squat then return to starting position. 2 reps slowly, 2 sets
— exercise 3 = jack-knife situps, combination of simultaneously done sits-ups and leg raises. 20 reps slowly, 2 sets
— exercise 4 = back extensions. laying prone, raise upper-torso slightly off the ground. 20 reps slowly, 2 sets

TheETG training program —–…/TheETGtrainMasterOfSport.pdf

TheETG mechanisms of aging —–