The “medicare for everybody” proposal.
Lets do the math.
Today we spend over $3 trillion each year, about $10,000 per person.
“Medicare for everybody” is projected to cost about $1.5 trillion each year.
Today we give about $1 trillion each year to insurance companies.

We spend $350 billion out of pocket.
That would likely go unchanged by a “medicare for everybody” approach as many wealthy folks would likely continue to do as they please.
Combined medicare + medicaid we spend about $1 trillion each year.
We spend about $20,000 per year, per person over age 65.
Pretty easy to assert that spreading the cost across more payers is a logical long term approach. Like social security, folks that can afford to do as they please can continue to do as they please.
Prior to asserting that there’ll be an increase in a wait times to see a doctor one should examine the –current– state of things today. Before citing issues in Canada, look at what happens here, particularly in states that have doctor shortages. There’s a reason we’ve been literally importing doctors from other countries.

Save talk radio talking points for talk radio.
They have no place in a reality based, fact based discussion about healthcare in America.