Our country has reached a point where a number of folks on the FBI watch list have carried out attacks. A number of folks in counseling with a psychologist have carried out rapes, child molestations, spouse assault, etc, etc.
Obviously we’re not gonna fix these situations on the civil liberties side of things. That leaves the human psychology side.
The place that as a country we’ve been unwilling to go because “touchy feely” isn’t allowed here.
Therefore in our homes and at our schools we produce socially acceptable sociopaths at epidemic levels with no concern until somebody acts out. You need a license to drive to down the street to the corner store but only need a sperm and an egg to be a parent. And we’re ok with that.

Rage-aholics, molesters, serial rapists. Since we don’t understand the psychology [or don’t want to] we stamp it all as “its genetic”.

Stomp the feet, pump the fist, call somebody a low-life scumbag.
That is now officially the United States Of America’s stereotyped standardized response to the date rapist, the wife beater, the school shooter, the child molester, the serial killer, etc, etc.

Its the 21rst century.
Lets decide its ok to rap our brains around human psychology.
We don’t have to be know-nothings. Its the “information age” we know something.
Gotta be willing though to part ways with the Sigmun Freud, the prescription pad, the time-out and the spanking, slapping, yelling and enter the current century to do the teaching of real mental health and real parenting.
TheETG Model Of Understanding Serial Rapist, Serial Killer, Child Molester

TheETG Parenting Packet

TheETG Human Psychology Packet