Our Kindergarten thru college…educational system.
Is one where we blindly hope that millions of folks live in households where self-worth is synonymous with good grades, and thus everyone behaves accordingly in school regardless of curriculum content or quality of presentation.
— where we value grades, diplomas, and degrees over critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem solving ability

— Where we want you to read, acquire, and understand large quantities of information without teaching you learning skills [reading velocity, photographic memory, audio recording memory]

— Where we want you to sit at a desk for 6 hours a day though we know that physical activity is required for normal brain function in information acquisition, storage, and recall ability.

— Where most of the information we expect you to acquire is information you can use only on a trivia TV game show, and we’ll spend $Billions testing you on it and prepping you for those tests, and spend hours arguing about whether or not we should use the standardized tests and teach to those tests

— Where the cliché phrase, a “well rounded education” is a code phrase academicians use to put lipstick on a pig

— Where the letters “AP” are a badge of honor for teenager and parent that many colleges choose to ignore, not a class offering information you’ll need to know in life or on your future job

TheETG school curriculum —– http://theetgtrackclub.com/docum…/TheETGschoolcurriculum.pdf

TheETG academic training —– http://theetgtrackclub.com/documents/TheETGLearning.pdf