I’m in Columbus Ohio for the USA Track & Field annual meeting this week. Arrived on Wednesday. Have been attending the meetings of committees…..Coaches Advisory, Athletes Advisory, Law & Legislation, U.S. Track Meet Directors. Attended the opening general session. I’ll attend the closing general session and Board Of Directors meeting on Sunday, and return home to Austin on Monday.

Yesterday Jill Pilgrim, former General Council for USA Track & Field came to the U.S. Track Meet Directors meeting as the new Executive Director for the Track & Field Athletes Association. It appears that the athletes may now be able to resolve what I believe are their 2 long standing weaknesses that have hurt their effectiveness…..a lack of institutional memory,  lack of knowledge of the structure, rules, bylaws of USA Track & Field [a knowledge of “how things work”, and thus how to change & improve things].

Also of note is that I’ve decided to not join the U.S. Track & Cross-Country Coaches Association, and of course TheETG bylaws contain a statement that frowns on joining an athlete “union” outside of the Athletes Advisory Committee. I’m aware of past issues and frustrations of both athletes & coaches that led to formation of athlete and coach “unions” outside of the committee structures USA Track & Field. I don’t believe these were/are necessary to advance the ball for the sport.