“……studies have consistently shown associations between elevated concentrations of urban particulate matter air pollution and exacerbations of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which are both associated with viral respiratory infections.”
’……little work has focused on CD8 T‐lymphocyte responses despite their importance in anti‐viral immunity. To address this, we examined the effects of urban particulate matter on DC‐stimulated naive CD8 T‐cell responses.”
“These data demonstrate that urban particulate matter treatment of mDCs enhances priming of naive CD8 T lymphocytes and increases production of pro‐inflammatory cytokines.”
“Such urban particulate matter‐induced stimulation of CD8 cells may potentiate T‐lymphocyte cytotoxic responses upon concurrent airway infection, increasing bystander damage to the airways.”
P.E.Pfeffer, et al
Urban particulate matter stimulation of human dendritic cells enhances priming of naive CD8 T lymphocytes
Immunology — Volume 153 #4 — April 2018 — page 502