Lotta hoopla about Caster Semenya. Come on folks.
Caster Semenya’s PR at 800m isn’t 5 seconds faster than Ajee Wilson’s, its
5-tenths-of-a-second faster. Semenya is 8-hundreths-of-a-second faster than Maria Mutola ran 25 years
Her PR is less than 2 seconds faster than Kim Gallagher and Mary Slaney ran
30 years ago, and Jearl Miles Clark over 2 decades ago. Her 2 fastest times are the 15th and 20th fastest in history, she has zero in the top 10.
She currently –isn’t– among the top 5 800m runners of all-time.
The problem with the women’s 800m isn’t Caster Semenya or her testosterone
The problem with the women’s 800m is the event having gone no where in the
last 40 years.
Hundreds of 800m runners with 400m PR’s at 53 that can’t hold 58’s for 2
laps [1:56 or faster]. Hundreds!!!
That’s the problem!!!
Leave her alone!