I applaud the women who signed the petition to the IAAF about the supposed gender rule, perhaps should be called the Caster Semenya rule. Couple weeks ago Caster Semenya ran an 800m PR at 2-tenths-of-a-second faster than Ana Quirot ran 29 years ago. The problem with the women’s 800m isn’t Caster Semenya or her testosterone levels. The problem with the women’s 800m is the event having gone no where in the last 40 years.

Hundreds of 800m runners with 400m PR’s at 53 that can’t hold 58’s for 2 laps [1:56 or faster]. Hundreds!!!
That’s the problem!!!

Caster Semenya’s 400m PR = 50.40
Can’t hold 55’s for 2 laps [1:50 or faster].

Leave her alone!
Last week she finished 6th in a 1500m.
The reason she finished 6th is due to 5 women running faster than her PR of 3:59.92…..aside from running faster than the 4:00:44 near PR she ran that day.
Leave her alone!