Not a lotta stuff related to running or coaching puts me in a rage.
But stuff like this certainly gets it done.
Cut first and ask questions later.
Diagnosis not questioned. Critical thinking, clinical reasoning at zero.
The standard, oh, this tissue is causing your problem so we’ll remove that tissue that you and billions of other folks were born with and throw it in the trash, you won’t need it. Followed by, uh oh, you’re still in pain after we removed the tissue we said was causing your pain….oops, sorry, maybe that wasn’t the cause of your pain.
Athlete leaves the sport.
Coach and doctors no where to be seen.
Rinse and repeat for hundreds of other runners decade after decade. Learning curve, zero.
If you run your athletes into the ground, that’s on you.
If you cut on your patients without keeping up with research or questioning your potentially faulty assumptions, that’s on you.
This is the fate of Kate Murphy outta Lake Braddock high school in northern Virginia. One of the best distance runners in the incredible 45 year history of the nationally dominant high school track scene in northern Virginia.
Done. Only in her 2nd year outta high school.
As a high school coach you do what you can to develop your athletes and give them a good shot at future success. When they come home on college semester break or call you saying they can’t run, that’s a serious problem.
That’s not….”a part of running”, its an f’ing problem!