Cold and flu…..To “catch a cold” or flu a virus must enter your body, typically by -you- putting it near your eyes, nose, or mouth. Someone who has a cold is out and about in public or in your household, sneezes, coughs, or wipes their nose, cold virus gets out of their body onto their hands. They shake hands with you, touch stuff that’s probably touched by 5 to 500 other folks during the time the virus can survive there…..door knobs and handles, stairway and escalator handrails, computer mouse, waterfountain button, ATM buttons, etc, etc. The virus now on your hands, you rub your eyes-nose-mouth without -first- having wiped them [and the virus] off on your clothes and/or without washing your hands.
The virus finds its way into your body, comes under attack by your immune system, and makes a major effort to replicate and proliferate. If it does so successfully, you will…..“catch a cold”, or “get the flu”.
The adhesion molecules that viruses and bacteria use to cling to your hands can be overcome by wiping your hands on your clothes.
Thus, the most effective way to prevent yourself from putting the cold and flu into your body…….
—– Program into your brain a deeply ingrained habit to wipe your hands off on your clothes before you use them to rub or touch your eyes―nose–mouth, door handles, stair-rails, etc, etc, etc. If you have the cold or flu, you can prevent transmission by sneezing, coughing into your elbow rather your hand. And you can wipe your hands on your clothes prior to touching stuff or people when out and about in public. 5000IU of vitamin D3 per day may be on par with “get a flu shot” in flu prevention.
Avoid group think….We’ve dumbed down this subject into “get a flu shot and wash your hands”.
There isn’t a sink and soap dispenser next to everything you touch and every handshake you engage in. Some dude in the bathroom washes his hands like he’s scrubbing for surgery. On his way out he sneezes into his hand prior to grabbing the door handle to leave. The 10 guys after him grab that handle.
Avoid group think….The Centers For Disease Control [CDC] study, average effectiveness of a flu shot the last decade is only 45% [2008 – 2018], and less than 50% of health care workers at places that don’t offer or require flu shots, get a flu shot. Some work with elderly, toddlers, and/or other low–immune functioning folks.
Avoid group think….That anti-bacteria liquid-gel dispenser in the hallway, yet another thing that pumps and other stuff along the membrane of a virus or bacteria will adjust to over time, further contributing to the “super bug” phenomena. Anti-bacteria cleaning surfaces at home….try a spray bottle, water, baking soda, and salt, with no super-bug producing after-effect.
If preventing death is the objective we should be willing to reach beyond “get a flu shot and wash your hands”.

“To our knowledge, no rigorously designed clinical trials have evaluated the relation between vitamin D and physician-diagnosed seasonal influenza.”
“We investigated the effect of vitamin D supplements on the incidence of seasonal influenza A in schoolchildren.”

“From December 2008 through March 2009, we conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial comparing vitamin D(3) supplements [1200 IU per day] with placebo in schoolchildren. The primary outcome was the incidence of influenza A, diagnosed with influenza antigen testing with a nasopharyngeal swab specimen.”

“Influenza A occurred in 18 of 167 [10.8%] children in the vitamin D(3) group compared with 31 of 167 [18.6%] children in the placebo group. The reduction in influenza A was more prominent in children who had not been taking other vitamin D supplements and who started nursery school after age 3.”

“In children with a previous diagnosis of asthma, asthma attacks as a secondary outcome occurred in 2 children receiving vitamin D(3) compared with 12 children receiving placebo…”

“This study suggests that vitamin D(3) supplementation during the winter may reduce the incidence of influenza A, especially in specific subgroups of schoolchildren.”

M.Urashima, et al
Randomized trial of vitamin D supplementation to prevent seasonal influenza A in schoolchildren.
American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition….Volume 91 #5….May 2010….page 1255 – 1260


Program into your brain a deeply ingrained habit to wipe your hands off on your clothes before you use them to rub or touch your eyes―nose–mouth, door handles, stair-rails, etc, etc, etc.
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