migraines -vs- fish oil, meditation, autogenic relaxation……….
“Research supports the general benefits of mind/body interventions for migraines….”
“…..randomized controlled trial with 19 episodic migraineurs randomized to either mindfulness-based stress reduction (n = 10) or usual care (n = 9).
“….daily meditation average: 34 ± 11 minutes, range 16-50 minutes per day.”
“Median class attendance from 9 classes…”
“Mindfulness-based stress reduction participants had 1.4 fewer migraines per month (range = 3.5 to 1.0 vs control)…”
“Headaches were less severe….and shorter (-2.9 hours per headache vs control)….”

Headache — Volume 54 #9 — October 2014 — page 1484
“27 adolescents suffering from frequent migraines…..randomized, double-blind, cross-over study consisting of 2 months of fish oil, 1-month washout period, and 2 months of placebo (olive oil).”
“…frequency of headaches before the study (31 episodes per 2 months)….”
“…reduction in headache frequency during fish oil treatment (4 episodes per 2 months)…”
“….significant reduction in headache severity during fish oil treatment (2.9 +/- 0.5)…”

Journal Of Adolescent Health — Volume 31 #2 — August 2002 — page 154
“Central information processing, visible in evoked potentials like the contingent negative variation is altered in migraine patients…..”
“16 migraineurs and 21 healthy participants conducted a 6-week Progressive Muscle Relaxation-training….”
“After Progressive Muscle Relaxation-training, migraine patients showed a significant reduction of migraine frequency.”
“Preliminary to the Progressive Muscle Relaxation-training, migraine patients exhibited higher amplitudes in the early component of the contingent negative variation (iCNV) and the overall contingent negative variation (oCNV) than healthy controls…..”
“After completion of the Progressive Muscle Relaxation-training, migraineurs showed a normalization of the iCNV amplitude…..”
“The results confirm clinical efficacy of Progressive Muscle Relaxation for migraine prophylaxis.”

Journal of Headache Pain — Volume 17 #37 — April 2016
“Spiritual meditation has been found to reduce the frequency of migraines and physiological reactivity to stress.”
“92 meditation naïve participants…”
“Migraine frequency decreased in the Spiritual Meditation group compared to other groups. Headache severity ratings did not differ across groups.”
“Spiritual Meditation…..improve pain tolerance with reduced headache related analgesic medication usage.”

Behavioral Medicine — Volume 43 #1 — January-March 2017 — page 1

Doing stuff that increase production of brain neurotrophins and/or reduces production of cortotrophin-releasing-hormone will reduce number, frequency, and severity of migraine headaches, and headaches in general.
That’s autogenic relaxation, meditation, hot jacuzzi, hot bath, etc

TheETG mind-body medicine —– http://theetgtrackclub.com/documents/TheETGmindbodymed.pdf.

TheETG repair of brain cell overwork, overwhelm, “mental illness” —– http://theetgtrackclub.com/documents/TheETGbrain.pdf