The two relatively new approaches at the college level have been demonstrated to be worthy of implementing at the professional level….USA Track & Field Championships.

#1 — for USA Track & Field championship meets stop mixing the prelims and semis of some events with the finals of others. There has to be a time when eyeballs in the seats and on TV can see nothing but finals. This should apply to the world championships as well, especially given that the meet schedule for USA’s is set to match the World Championships.

#2 — Austin has proven the ability to put butts in the seats for championship meets in contrast to several other cities that have tried and failed. The track-soccer-only stadium seats at least 18,000 and I’ve been there for a meet that had about 20,000 in a standing room only situation. Both exceed Eugene’s new track stadium’s permanent seating plan.
Austin has matched Eugene in putting butts in the seats which means it exceeds all other cities. Therefore using the same 2 year format as the NCAA’s, the USA Championships should be awarded for 2 year stints, to Austin and Eugene to the exclusion of all other cities.
Long term obviously the idea that got shelved in the mid-1990’s needs to be dusted off and implemented. A full separation of our sport from the Olympic Games. We control our World Championships. It needs to be changed from being held only on the odd numbered years to an annual event. Take full control of our sport.

Aside from proving Austin puts butts in the seats for major track meets, this week the track itself has to now be viewed as among the fastest in the world.
These numbers are by college athletes not pros……
— men’s 100m 9.86…#1 in the world
— women’s 100m 10.75…#1 in the world
— men’s hurdles 12.98…#1 in the world
— women’s hurdles 12.40…#1 in the world
— women’s 200m 22.16…#1 in the world
— men’s 4 x 100m relay 37.97…#1 in the world
— women’s 4 x 100m relay 42.21…#1 in the world
— men’s pole vault 19′ 6″…#1 in the world
— men’s 400m 44.2…#2 in the world
— men’s 200m 19.73…#3 in the world
World Junior Records in the women’s 100m & 200m