Effects of sunset meditation.
One of my favorite spots. At “townlake”, also known as the Colorado River that bisects downtown Austin.
“Shortened telomeres, and especially shortened immune cell telomeres, are associated with ill health and mortality.”
“The enzyme telomerase, through its influence on telomere length, is associated with health and mortality.”
“The potential of telomerase to influence telomere length has resulted in initial investigations of possible psychological, dietary, and exercise interventions that may influence telomerase activity and slow telomere shortening or even lengthen telomeres to promote health.”
“Telomerase enzyme activity influences telomere length by facilitating the addition of DNA sequences onto telomeres during cell division.”
“Four pioneering randomized control trials, including a total of 190 participants, provided information on the effect of mindfulness meditation on telomerase.”
“….mindfulness meditation leads to increased telomerase activity in peripheral blood mononuclear cells. These results suggest the need for further large-scale trials investigating optimal implementation of mindfulness meditation to facilitate telomerase functioning.”
N.S. Schutte, et al
Meta-Analytic Review of the Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on Telomerase Activity
Psychoneuroendocrinology…..Volume 39..January 2014
the impact of “green space” in your city on your rate of aging………
“Telomere length……..can be regarded as a marker of biological ageing.”
“….study of the health status of 976 men aged 65 years and over from various regions in Hong Kong, we measured telomere length and examined its variation…..”
“…compare four densely populated regions in the old part of Kowloon with a region built from reclaimed land in the New Territories (Shatin), where many buildings were built on either side of a river and next to the Tolo Harbour, with many parks and markets and a transport terminus situated in the housing complexes.”
“Telomeres in participants living in older regions in Kowloon were shorter than in those living in Shatin. The results show that the presence of green spaces could have health benefits in terms of biological ageing, which is mediated by a mechanism other than age, lifestyle, or socioeconomic status. We therefore agree that the psychological benefit arising from a restorative environment could be a real one.”
J.Woo, et al
Green Space, Psychological Restoration, and Telomere Length
The Lancet….Volume 373 #9660…..January 24, 2009….page 299 – 300
brain’s immune system cells impact brain stem cells……
“In the adult mammalian brain, neurogenesis from neural stem/precursor cell occurs within two regions, the subgranular zone in the dentate gyrus and the subventricular zone lining the lateral ventricles.”
The function of neural stem cell is enhanced by external stimuli, such as injury and inflammation. Microglia, as the main immune modulating cells, play important roles in the central nervous system.”
“Recently, select discoveries reported that microglia might influence the proliferation, differentiation and survival of neural precursor cells. Other studies revealed that neural precursor cells might reversibly regulate the function of microglia.”
P. Su, et al
The interaction between microglia and neural stem/precursor cellsReview Article
Brain Research Bulletin…..Volume 109….October 2014….pages 32 – 38