Attended a lecture on campus October 31 at the Univ Of Texas Aging & Longevity Center.
They brought in a guest researcher from a prominent dementia clinic in San Antonio.
She presented her data from thousands of dementia patients across a couple decades. Showed that long term chronic stress, via its impact on brain immune function, is the major mechanism of brain cell death across most forms of dementia including Alzheimer’s.

As importantly, she demonstraed that the long since identified groups in our country that have the highest long term stress levels have the highest occurence of dementia…..women, blacks, American Indians, etc.

Haven’t been to a lecture on campus in a few months.
Love this subject.
Wrote my first info article on the impact of stress and stress hormone [cortisol] on immune function and downside to training adaptations back in the early 1990’s.
Back in the day, mind-body medicine stuff used to just be applied to mechanisms of causation of heart disease and cancer.
Thanks to researchers like yesterday’s lecturer…..we now know it applies everywhere.