“Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.”
[Francis Bacon]

“In God we trust…Everyone else must bring data.”
[W.Edwards Deming]

The functioning of brain cells, muscle cells, blood cells, -all cells- are governed by the laws of nature, -not- your chosen belief system.
The laws of nature -are- the underlying mechanisms of how everything works. Science identifies and describes the laws of nature. Problems often occur with the interpretation and application of science, rather than with science itself.
The all too typical…”science doesn’t explain everything” argument cannot be inserted each time one’s comfort zone is challenged.
The all too typical…”its genetic” argument cannot be inserted each time one cannot explain something. The laws of nature that control human cellular function are -not- governed by your chosen belief system or the dogma you have been indoctrinated into, or the dogma you refuse to set aside.
Data-less conclusions founded upon faulty assumptions are the mother of all screw-ups.
They lead to human belief systems that quickly get set in stone insuring that new information gets shouted down as group think, ego, and resistance to change supplant data, logic and reason. In all areas of applied science and particularly in anything having to do with human performance, age & aging, and “its genetic”…..avoid group think, pursue critical thinking, engage in intellectual honesty.
Put data ahead of dogma. Follow the data -not- the crowd.
To be a good track coach one must -first- be a good physiologist.
To be a good medical doctor one must -first- be a good physiologist..
To be a good physiologist one must -first- be willing to…………
— put data ahead of dogma, follow the data -not- the crowd
— put science ahead of indoctrinated tradition
— put logic and reason ahead of faulty assumptions
— put mechanisms ahead of correlations and “risk factors”
— put critical thinking and clinical reasoning ahead of a memorized set of “if–then” statements
— read and apply large amounts of published research
— accept outcomes as the judge and jury of your work