Slower aging 101……..
Take a few minutes on several days each week to be still.
Autogenic Relaxation [10 minutes].
Reduces brain and peripheral nervous system activity, reduce stress hormone [cortisol] levels and/or effects, increase blood flow and oxygenation, increase or normalize levels of substances and growth factors [nerve growth factors, neuro-trophic factors, anabolic hormones, etc] that promote regeneration and recovery functions in brain, nerve, immune system, and muscle.
Started teaching autogenic relaxation to my high school runners in the mid-1980’s.
Mind-body medicine is founded on the basic principle that the brain controls or influences the function of all cells in the body by direct connection to them via the nervous system, or via chemical interaction via release of hormones or substances called neuro-peptides.

TheETG autogenic relaxation protocol……
— Autogenic Relaxation: Stage 1…Oxygenation [diaphragmatic breathing]…..lay on floor or sit, place one hand on stomach. During inhale, make your stomach rise prior to your chest rising.

— Autogenic Relaxation: Stage 2…Brain and nervous system activity reduction…..close your eyes, let go of thoughts related to daily activities. Repeat affirmations several times….”This is my down-time, I am calming and quieting all cells of my body. I am resting.”

— Autogenic Relaxation: Stage 3…Blood flow…..create relaxation, warmth and heaviness in limbs and torso. Repeat the affirmations…..”my hands and arms are becoming warmer and heavier. My feet and legs are becoming warmer and heavier. My chest and torso is becoming warmer and heavier. I am feeling more and more quiet, calm, and relaxed.”