“Teach guys they can be better men.””Teach women there are better men.”– nearly 80% of women report they are verbally abused by a partner.– individuals with a history of physical violence against their partners are 13 times more likely to commit future acts of physical aggression compared to persons who have never committed this form of physical abuse.– [by Laura Larkin, Independent Irish New, May 14, 2017]….The male intimate abuser follows same tactics as the pedophile……select the same type of target. — people who were being abused…..the type of people who would put others before themselves. — The kind people were the people who were targeted and subsequent to that there was a process of setting-up. — It’s done in a way which gets her to take responsibility and take the blame when things go wrong between them. — Once she is doing that she is into the mire of an abusive relationship and it develops from there. She is also groomed. — If she tries to explain it everyone says ‘oh you’re too sensitive, or you’re too naïve’.”.The brain is a computer. The self-image is the programming. If you aren’t constantly and intentionally throughout your life improving it and moving it forward, it’ll keep you where you are. Or worse, it’ll return you to where you’ve been.In your life experiences, your romantic relationships, it’ll have you sabotaging, pushing away, or avoiding every bit of success and achievement that is beyond what your brain is programmed to acquire, accept, and embrace. .There’s a reason so many people get in, stay in, and/or return to bad or abusive relationships. .The brain is a computer.

The self-image is the programming. Constantly and intentionally throughout your life improve it, move it forward.

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