An open letter to the NBA, NFL, PGA, MLB, NHL.
Come on man!!!
It ain’t rocket science.
Its your indoor spaces.
— Your locker rooms.
— Your trainer rooms.
— Your massage rooms.
— Your weight rooms.
— Your film rooms
Small spaces, poor ventilation systems, multiple players lingering for 30 to 90 minutes.
Close them!!!
Move everything outside or into much larger indoor spaces with better ventilation.
Otherwise, shut down your seasons and ban players from your facilities.

Your number of positive tests are only gonna keep going up no different than cities opening small indoor spaces without restricting or policing the occupancy numbers. The positive test numbers only go up.
We’re 3 months into this.
We know something now.
Lets all act like it.

Contact tracing.
Patrons and employees testing positive at high rates.
Relatively small to medium size indoor spaces is where virus transmission is thriving during this “opening up businesses” time frame.
Bars and restaurants.
Bars and restaurants.
Bars and restaurants.

Bars and restaurants are where people sit or stand for 30 minutes to 3 hours in a space where there’s no mask wearing.
In these indoor spaces, “social distancing” doesn’t matter because;
— ownwers aren’t investing money into increased air ventilation
— ownwers aren’t investing money into improved air filtering systems
— owners are violating occupancy rules and guidelines