1 of the 3 majors [vitamin D3, iodine, magnesium] that impact the function of nearly every cell in the human body.

Impact the 3 major areas of human functioning……the brain, the nervous system, the immune system. Also the major items most widely estimated to be in population-wide deficiency in America.

Epsom salt bath = 10 minutes hot bath in epsom salts [magnesium absorbed through skin]. The heat of the hot bath provides stimuli for production of nerve growth factor, brain derived neurotrophic factor, isoforms of growth hormone, isoforms of insulin-like growth factor-1, and blood flow for regenerative functions in brain, nerve, immune system.

“After initial pilot studies, all volunteers took baths (temperatures 50-55°C) and stayed in the bath for 12 minutes.” “….soaking in Epsom salts therefore increases blood magnesium concentrations…”

“…..all individuals had significant rises in plasma magnesium and sulfate at a level of 1% Epsom salts. This equates to 1g MgS04/100ml water; 600g Epsom salts/60 litres, the standard size UK bath taken in this project (~15 US gallons). However, most volunteers had significantly raised Mg/S0 levels on baths with 400g MgS0 added. Above the 600g/bath level, volunteers complained that the water felt ‘soapy’.”

“The values obtained suggest that most people would find maximal benefit by bathing 2 or 3 times/week, using 500-600g Epsom salts each time.”

“Bathing in Epsom salts is a safe and easy way to increase sulfate and magnesium levels in the body.”

R.H Waring Report on Absorption of magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts) across the skin School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom .

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