More than 3000 downloads of TheETG Competent Self-Care packets in 2020. Free, research science based pdf’s on TheETG website.The top 10 pdf’s downloaded in 2020……..

1– TheETG mind-body medicine

2– TheETG human psychology

3– TheETG repair of brain cell overwork, overwhelm, “mental illness”

4– TheETG immune system

5– TheETG nutrition medicine

6– TheETG mechanisms of aging

7– TheETG knee meniscus, ACL, & rotator cuff repair

8– TheETG cancer repair

9– TheETG exercise program

10– TheETG heart disease repair


“……the benefits that US health care currently deliver may not outweigh the aggregate health harm it imparts.”Journal Of The American Medical Association…Volume 302 #1..July 1, 2009…page 89 – 91


“Every spring, U.S. medical schools graduate some students who should not be allowed to become doctors.””…..medical schools have a responsibility to patients and the profession.”

S.A.SantenKicking the Can Down the Road — When Medical Schools Fail to Self-RegulateNew England Journal Of Medicine — Volume 381 #24 — December 12, 2019 — page 2287


“Every week, about 53,000 excess hospitalizations and about 2400 excess deaths occur in the United States among people taking properly prescribed drugs to be healthier.”

“One in every five drugs approved ends up causing serious harm…..”

[Dr. Donald Light, 2013…..Risky Drugs: Why The FDA Cannot Be Trusted….University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey….Harvard University Center For Ethics]


“Most drugs are only effective for a small percentage of people who take them.”

[Michael Leavitt….U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services 2005 – 2009]


“Practice is not reflecting the research. Ninety to 95% of programs have no research base. The gap between what is known and what is being provided in routine care is huge.”

Kimberly Hogwood [New York Office Of Mental Health] Associated Press, The Daily Texan, April 11, 2002