Nutrition Medicine = food and/or supplements as medicine.

“This study aimed to determine the relationship between vitamin D status and upper respiratory tract infection…..”

“1644 military recruits were observed across basic military training.”

“In study 2, a randomized controlled trial, 250 men undertaking military training received placebo, simulated sunlight….three times per week for 4 weeks and then once per week for 8 weeks…..or oral vitamin D 3, 1000 IU per day for 4 weeks and then 400 IU per day for 8 weeks.””In study 1, only 21% of recruits were vitamin D sufficient during winter.”

“Vitamin D–sufficient recruits were 40% less likely to suffer upper respiratory tract infection than recruits with 25(OH)D less than 50 nmol·L….”

“Each upper respiratory tract infection caused, on average, three missed training days.”

“Compared with placebo, vitamin D supplementation reduced the severity of peak upper respiratory tract infection symptoms by 15% and days with upper respiratory tract infection by 36%…”

S.E.Harrison, et al ——- Influence of Vitamin D Supplementation by Simulated Sunlight or Oral D3 on Respiratory Infection during Military Training ——- Medicine & Science In Sports & Exercise — Volume 53 #7 — July 2021 — page 1505