Looking like osteoporosis has less to do with hormone issues, more to do with other stuff, collagen production [lack thereof], and chronically elevated acidity in the environment around bone similar to the de-mineralization of teeth.
Like most degenerative issues in humans, a correctable, reversible problem.
Reversing or preventing osteoporosis…..
— Lift weights throughout your life, especially partial-squats, calf
raises, jumping exercises, in other words stuff that’s fully weight bearing and preferably done with weights at home or at a gym
— supplements 3 to 4 days a week….
vitamin K2 — to aid calcium going to bone instead of to calcifying the walls of your blood vessels vitamin D3 — for normal functioning of all cells including those related to bone magnesium — to aid in bone building and rebuilding vitamin C — to aid in collagen formation in bone
— eat raw mixed vegetables, preferably the combo of cucumber, carrot, broccoli, and Romano tomato to alkalize the diet reduce bone loss via acid environment.
— eat mixed berries such as strawberry, raspberry, blue berry, black berry for minerals and anti-oxidants.
— Perhaps say no to calcium supplements if you’re not a kid or pregnant woman.
— absorbable hydrolyzed collagen supplement, the form used in bone
— reduce soda consumption to limit potential bone de-mineralization via acidity or thyroid malfunction issues
Osteoporosis, a unitary hypothesis of collagen loss in skin and bone
Medical Hypotheses….Volume 65 #3…..2005…..page 426 – 432
“Progress in osteoporosis has been stultified by repetitive,
statistic-driven studies and catechistic reviews; in the absence of concept and hypothesis research is aimless, and the trivial associations it continually reveals, has led to the cul-de-sac of multifactorialism.”
“A return to hypothesis-led research which seeks major causal defects and the conclusive therapies that arise from them is essential.”
“The hypothesis proposed evolved from research into the mechanism of senile purpura. This predicted a causal loss of skin collagen that was contrary to contemporary opinion, but was confirmed when collagen was expressed absolutely, instead as a percentage or ratio: women have less collagen than men and it decreases by 1% a year in exposed and unexposed skin.
Corticosteroids (which also produce shear purpura) reduce skin collagen and androgen and virilism increase it; growth hormone produces the greatest increase, and there is a decrease in hypopituitarism.”
“All these changes in skin collagen correspond to changes in bone density, and the circumstances are too various for coincidence.”
“This led to the hypothesis that the changes found in skin collagen also occur in bone collagen, leading to the associated changes in bone density; thus a loss of collagen in skin and bones with aging is the causal counterpart to loss of bone density in senile osteoporosis. If this is correct then, as with aging, androgen and virilisation, corticosteroids, growth hormone and hypopituitarism, changes in bone density should correspond to systemic changes in skin collagen.”
“This correspondence is found to occur in osteogenesis imperfecta and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, two genetically discrete families of disordered collagen production, and other situations, e.g., scurvy and homocystinuria.”
“A primary loss of collagen in osteoporotic bones is an essential
prediction of the hypothesis; in fact this loss is well established but,
inexplicably, it has been assumed to be secondary to the bone loss. Because of the comparable changes in skin and bones, the hypothesis implies that skin collagen could be used to predict the state of the bones and their response to treatment.”
book…..Death By Calcium
Amazon……”In his newest book, Death by Calcium, board-certified
cardiologist, Thomas E. Levy, offers scientific proof that the regular
intake of dairy and calcium supplementation promotes all known chronic degenerative diseases and significantly shortens life. Written for both the layperson and scientist, Dr. Levy explains the dangers inherent in supplementing with calcium. “It is now clear that excess dietary calcium, as is realized with the routine ingestion of milk and other calcium-laden dairy foods, is also a toxic and potentially life-shortening practice.”
Clinical Trials….U.S. National Institutes of Health
Biological Bone Markers and Hydrolyzed Collagen Supplement in Menopausal Healthy Women……
“Preliminary scientific studies, in both animals and humans suggest that oral consumption of hydrolyzed collagen acts on the bone remodeling process by stimulating the activity of osteoblasts responsible for bone formation while improving the bone mineral density and biomechanical resistance of long bones.”
“The objective of this clinical research is to measure changes in
biomarkers of bone turnover in postmenopausal healthy women, not osteoporotic, in response to consumption of hydrolyzed collagen for three months.”
“For this, we propose to measure blood and urinary markers of formation and bone resorption before consumption, then 45 and 90 days after daily consumption of 10g of hydrolyzed collagen.”