“Considerable uncertainty surrounds the effectiveness and safety of analgesics for treatment of nonspecific, short-term lower back pain, according to an analysis of 98 randomized clinical trials involving 15,134 adults.”
“There were 17 drugs or drug combinations that significantly lessened participants’ pain compared with placebo, with no differences in efficacy between medications, although low- or very low–confidence evidence supported these conclusions. Moderate- or low-confidence evidence suggested that a higher number of adverse events might be linked with some of the drugs, including tramadol and baclofen.
Interventions such as manual therapy and analgesics are among the second-line treatments for lower back pain.”
“Because high-quality research supporting their usefulness is limited, though, “[c]linicians and patients are advised to take a cautious approach to the use of analgesic medicines” for lower back pain, the researchers wrote in The British Medical Journal.”
E Harris
Meta-analysis: Analgesics’ Value for Lower Back Pain Uncertain
Journal Of The American Medical Association — Volume 329 #16 — April 25, 2023 — pg 1340