“The effects of private equity acquisitions of US hospitals on the clinical quality of inpatient care and patient outcomes…..”
“To examine changes in hospital-acquired adverse events and hospitalization outcomes associated with private equity acquisitions of US hospitals.”
“….examination of 662,095 hospitalizations at 51 private equity–acquired hospitals….”
“After private equity acquisition, Medicare beneficiaries admitted to private equity hospitals experienced a 25.4% increase in hospital-acquired conditions compared with those treated at control hospitals….”
“This increase in hospital-acquired conditions was driven by a 27.3% increase in falls and a 37.7% increase in central line–associated bloodstream infections at private equity hospitals, despite placing 16.2% fewer central lines.”
“Surgical site infections doubled….despite an 8.1% reduction in surgical volume…”
“Private equity acquisition was associated with increased hospital-acquired adverse events, including falls and central line–associated bloodstream infections, along with a larger but less statistically precise increase in surgical site infections.”
“These findings heighten concerns about the implications of private equity on health care delivery.”
“Private equity acquisition of hospitals, on average, was associated with increased hospital-acquired adverse events despite a likely lower-risk pool of admitted Medicare beneficiaries, suggesting poorer quality of inpatient care.”
S.Kannan, et al
Changes in Hospital Adverse Events and Patient Outcomes Associated With Private Equity Acquisition
Journal of the American Medical Association — Volume 330 #24 — December 26, 2023 — pg 2365