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Membership In TheETG

TheETG club membership is free and club members receive free coaching exclusively from club owner Marshall Burt [TheETG Packets are available to non-club members for free on the Packets page of TheETG website. The minimum age for membership is 14, there is no maximum. There are -no- qualifying times. Current or past performance level is never a criteria for club membership. TheETG is focused on developing American runners into elite level distance runners and moving the sport forward in the United States.

Please note that the club name is –not– the elite “racing” group. If your focus is on racing, racing, and more racing you’d be extremely unhappy in this club. The club’s focus is development of elite distance running performance rather than the all-too-typically American obsession with racing people into oblivion and running people out of our sport. Our objective is to avoid living up to the reputation American coaches [especially high school and college] have among those in the sport sciences world overseas, being referred to as “the great destroyers of talent”.


TheETG club members………

Founding club members are distance runners that were coached by TheETG club owner Marshall Burt directly or indirectly when they were in high school in northern Virginia. A few club members will be actively recruited into TheETG by club owner Marshall Burt.

American distance runners, male and female, can be considered for club membershiphttp://theetgtrackclub.com/documents/TheETGmember.pdf


TheETG founding club members and alumni

Marshall Burt [1981 grad of Ft Hunt High School, Alexandria Virginia]……TheETG club founder, founded the club in 1991.

Conan McDonough [1988 grad of West Potomac High School, Alexandria Virginia]…..when Marshall coached him in high school Conan was All-South in Cross-Country as one of the top runners in the southern quarter of the United States…..joined TheETG 1991.

Gabrielle [Pohlmann] Patterson [1987 grad of West Potomac High School, Alexandria Virginia]…..when Marshall coached her in high school Gabrielle was 2-time High School All-American in Cross-Country and ranked top 10 in the nation on the track indoors at 3200m…..joined TheETG in 1991.

Maria Mireles [1991 grad of W.T. Woodson High School, Fairfax Virginia]…..in high school [coached by Matt Murray] Maria finished 8th at 1500m at the U.S. National Junior Championships….joined TheETG in 1992.

Melissa [Brown] Kish [1991 grad of West Potomac High School, Alexandria Virginia]….when Marshall coached her in high school Melissa focused on 800m…..joined TheETG in 1992.

Julie [Lindsay] Everett [1991 grad of West Potomac High School, Alexandria Virginia]….when Marshall coached her in high school Julie ran cross-country and focused on 800m on the track….joined TheETG in 1992.

Mike Morgovnik [1992 grad of West Potomac High School, Alexandria Virginia]…..when Marshall coached him in high school Mike finished in the top 35 at the Eastern States Championships in Cross-Country…….joined TheETG in 1993.

Tim Collier [1990 grad of West Potomac High School, Alexandria Virginia]……when Marshall coached him in high school Tim ran cross-country and focused on 2 mile on the track…..joined TheETG in December 2006.

Kyle Crosby [1990 grad of West Potomac High School, Alexandria Virginia]……when Marshall coached him in high school Kyle ran cross-country and focused on 800m on the track…..joined TheETG in December 2007.




Club members engaged in TheETG training program



Marshall Burt

Home ——- Austin, Texas [since December 31, 1990]

Born ——- April 3, 1963 in Durham, North Carolina

early years —— Durham, North Carolina, and Washington D.C from mid 1960’s to early 1970’s

tweens-teens-early adult years ——- northern part of Virginia [Alexandria area] from mid 1970’s to 1990

High School & College ——- Graduated from Fort Hunt High School in Alexandria, Virginia in 1981. College….graduated from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

—– Marshall’s facebook page — https://www.facebook.com/marshall.burt.5

—– Marshall’s musings — http://www.theetgtrackclub.com/documents/marshmuse.pdf

—– Marshall’s parents, civil rights movement — http://theetgtrackclub.com/documents/parent.pdf

Some History ——- I burned out on training and racing around 1984 and moved into coaching. My last serious race with some degree of a good fitness level was in college in 1983. I returned to serious training in 1993. I’ll be focussing on the 1500m and 800m events before adding the 5000m and 10,000m and gradually working toward a marathon. I have (2) older brothers [Byron and Jeff]. Byron was a High School All-American in the triple jump, and Jeff competed in distance running in high school and ran at the University of Texas at El Paso during the school s string of multiple NCAA cross-country titles. My parents Moses Jr. and Audrey, both graduated from North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina where I was born.

Little League Sports….I began sports at age 5. I began running at age 13. In basketball (guard), began play in organized league at age 7. Was named to several league All-Star teams, and won team MVP awards. Made the cut for a Fairfax County, Virginia league team at age 14. Stopped playing upon entering high school. — Football (offensive tackle, defensive tackle, linebacker, punter, kicker, backup quarterback, receiver, defensive back). Began play in organized league at age 12. Won several team awards (best offensive lineman, best defensive player). Averaged 45 yards per punt. Stopped playing upon entering high school. When I was in 6th/7th grade, I played on the same team with one of my best friends at that time, now Hollywood actor, Blair Underwood.

Elementary & Junior High……..Track & Field [sprints, middle distance], participated in elementary school “Field Day”. Ran 50 yard dash, and 600 yard run. In 5th grade, was soundly beaten by Robin Roughton, daughter of Henley Gibble [past president/executive director of the Road Runners club Of America]. Began training with a friend [John Martin] in 7th grade in preparation for “Track & Field Day”. Ran 880 yard run in 2:28 in 8th grade.

Fort Hunt High School [on Fort Hunt road] Alexandria, Virginia……graduated June, 1981……..Fort Hunt is now closed. In the mid-1980’s it merged with Groveton to become what is now West Potomac High School, using the Groveton campus. The Fort Hunt campus is now Carl Sandburg Middle School. Cross-Country — 16:30 for 5000m cross-country at the Virginia State cross-country championship (42nd place) in senior season (about 20 seconds outside of the top 10). Completed all Four years of high school –without– earning a medal at any Championship [Top 14 in district, regional, or state] competitions. Outdoor Track….Freshman year ran 4:58, 10:42, along with a 2:10 800 as a sophomore. Completed all Four years of high school –without– earning a medal at any Championship [Top 6 in district, regional, or state] competitions.

High School bests….400m = 59 sophomore year……..800m = 2:05 junior year……1600m = 4:42 senior year……3200m = 10:25 senior year

I ran the second and third Marine Corp Marathons when I was 14 and 15 years old. My race report: the first one I ran at the end of my freshman year [high school] cross-country season. I took a week off after averaging about 18 miles per week in training. At the end of that week, I ran my first marathon. The first 18 miles averaging around 6:20 per mile pace. I then stopped for about 10 minutes to use the bathroom. I did a walk/jog to the finish line. We didn’t have Gu packets, etc, in those days, and I knew little to nothing about hydration and carbo intake during the race. I finished around 3:25. Prior to the second one, I had averaged close to 30 miles per week in my sophomore cross-country season. I took 3 or 4 days off, then ran my second marathon. The second I ran slower in the first 22 miles. I made an effort to keep the stopping to a minimum, thus I finished in around 3:18.

George Mason University [Fairfax, Virginia]…..Ran cross-country and track in Fall 1981, Winter-Spring 1982, and Fall 83. Ran very few meets during these time periods. Set many personal bests during track and road training sessions with the team, but ran very few races. I wilted in the heat during my first and only 10,000m track race at the Conference Championships. After training well all season at 32 minute pace I finished in 34:30. Highest estimated fitness level for 800m 1:55 – 2:00, 1500m 3:55 – 4:00, 5000m 14:40 -14:50, 10,000m 30:30 – 31:00.


My Best Teachers

Elementary School [Fort Hunt Elementary School] —– Mrs. Howerton

Middle School [Stephen Foster Junior High] —– Mr. Candelori


Biggest Influences [other than parents/family]

Middle School [Stephen Foster Junior High] —– my best friend John Martin got me into running. Trained with he and another close and impactful friend, Greg Henry.

High School [Fort Hunt High School] —– some members of a track clique I was in; Nadim Ahmed, Kelly Shawn, Sue Miley [now Murphy], Mike Barrett, John Hubbell, Robert McNinch, Tony Ewing, Mark Pfeiffer, Debbie Kern, Nancy Davis, Russ McGuire, Mike Vardac, Dennis Normyle, Chanley Bregman, Robin Roughton. Also heavily influenced by the high achievement oriented environment of northern Virginia in distance running and track & field, and the role in that 3 of my several high school coaches played in that [Al Perault, Andy Tisinger, Marshall Windsor].

Coaches I was heavily influenced by at summer cross-country camps….John Cook [Edison high school, was later my college coach], I attended his camp over the summer leading into my freshman year in high school, and again at his camp at George Mason Univ over the summer leading into my junior year in high school…..Martin Smith [Oakton high school and Univ of Virginia], he was working at John Cook’s camp at Edison high school leading into my freshman year in high school and I also attended Martin’s camp at Univ of Virginia over the summer leading into my senior year in high school. Coach cook went on to produce NCAA Champion teams at George Mason University, coached my college teammate Abdi Bile to be a 1500m collegiate record holder and 1987 World Champion, and subsequently in the modern era coached Leo Manzano, Shalane Flanagan, and Shannon Rowbury to World and/or Olympic Games medals and American Records. Martin has gone on to be head coach at University of Wisconsin [won NCAA Championship in men’s cross-country], University Of Oregon, Oklahoma, and Iowa State.

College —– my track coach John Cook…..and the teammates who were the most supportive; David McCormack, Chuck Wimberly, Pat McCoy, Jon Babcock, Bobby Seale, Chuck Hefner, David Romaine, Danny Pittman, Kevin Black

Post-College —– Jack Wilmore, Terry Crawford, Ed Coyle, Ellen McGuire, John Ivy, Christie Befort.



My Interests

– Personal growth and self improvement oriented psychology

– Coaching distance runners, track & field

– Human performance in sports, particularly distance running, football, basketball, golf, soccer, and tennis.

– Business and financial aspects of elite sport

– Sport promotions, sport marketing. sport advertising

– Sport Law [publicity rights, trade marks, drug testing]

– National politics, foreign policy, public policy, constitutional law

– Learning languages of track & field oriented countries [past 2 years and presently working on learning track and science related…arabic, chinese, japanese, german, french, spanish].

– Following and learning to apply sport sciences research [applied human physiology, psychology, sport psychology biomechanics, mind-body medicine, brain research, sport promotions-marketing-business].

– Kung Fu [earned yellow sash in mid-1980’s from a former monk from Korea. His focus was on forms and weapons. I plan to start-up again in Austin at some point.

– Archery


Plugs for a couple high school buds

High school friend Nadim Ahmed has a website that provides extensive information about running trails in the metro area of our nation’s capital, Washington D.C.. The site was originally a book project started around the mid-1990’s. Nadim mapped and measured the courses and provides them in computer format called Running Around Town: Washington D.C..

High school friend Russ McGuire wrote the book Power Of Mobility. Russ has been the Director of Corporate Strategy for Sprint-Nextel. The book is about the future of mobility of phone & computer services and how businesses can use them.



see TheETG Club History page of this website for more bio info on Marshall Burt