Heart disease…..mega-runner same as couch potato.
The all-year-around marathon training, marathon races, ultra-marathons, and multiple ironman races each year.
The bell curve……Your cells, your immune system, your organs don’t do well with –way– too little or –way– too much exercise.
“We measured extracoronary atherosclerotic plaque burden and its association with cardiovascular risk factors and with coronary atherosclerosis in male marathon runners.”
“We studied 100 male presumably healthy runners, aged 50 – 75 years who completed at least five marathons during the preceding 3 years.”
“Ten runners were free from any plaque in the carotid or peripheral arteries.”
“The prevalence of carotid and peripheral atherosclerosis in marathon runners is high and is related to cardiovascular risk factors and the coronary atherosclerotic burden.”
“These data support an increased awareness of atherosclerosis prevalence and cardiovascular risk factors in marathon runners.”
K.Kroger, et al
Carotid and Peripheral Atherosclerosis in Male Marathon Runners.
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise…..Volume 43 #7…..July 2011……page 1142 – 1147
“The aim of the study was to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of carotid ultrasound to predict coronary atherosclerosis in asymptomatic male marathon runners. A total of 49 male marathon runners older than 45 years (mean age 53 years, range 45‐74years) received carotid ultrasound and cardiac CT angiography including calcium scoring.”
“….48 marathon runners, 17 had carotid atherosclerosis and 22 coronary atherosclerosis.”
“Atherosclerosis in either exam was diagnosed in 27/48 (56.3%) marathon runners.”
“Coronary and/or carotid atherosclerosis can be detected in more than 50% of male marathon runners aged older than 45 years.”
C.Burgstahler, et al
Coronary and carotid atherosclerosis in asymptomatic male marathon runners
Scandinavian Journal Of Medicine & Science in Sports — Volume 28 #4 — April 2018 — page 1397
“…..short- and long-term [up to 1 month] effects of an ultraendurance running event…..after a single-stage 233-km (143 miles) running event.”
“…..nine men (age = 46.1 +/- 5.3 years…)”
“….blood mononuclear cells were assayed for nonspecific DNA damage and damage to DNA caused specifically by oxidative stress.”
“Ultraendurance exercise causes oxidative stress, which persists for one calendar month depending on the specific biomarker examined. These results suggest that ultraendurance events are associated with a prolonged period of reduced protection against oxidative stress.”
J.E. Turner, et al
Prolonged Depletion of Antioxidant Capacity after Ultraendurance Exercise
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise…….Volume 43 #9……September 2011…..page 1770 – 1776