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Expanding the area of what is possible

In Track & Field Distance Running & Competent Self-Care in medicine and psychology



As you continue to acquire and apply more information you continue to expand the area of what is possible.

“I don’t know that there is any magic level of interest in science that people ought to have. But the more they understand, the more they will be able to control their destiny and achieve their other aims.” —[Stephen Hawking]


Data-less conclusions founded upon faulty assumptions are the mother of all screw-ups.

They lead to human belief systems that quickly get set in stone insuring that new information gets shouted down as group think, ego, and resistance to change supplant data, logic and reason. In all areas of applied science and particularly in anything having to do with human performance, age & aging, and “its genetic”…..avoid group think, pursue critical thinking, engage in intellectual honesty.

Put data ahead of dogma. Follow the data -not- the crowd.

“In God we trust…Everyone else must bring data.” —[W.Edwards Deming]


The functioning of brain cells, muscle cells, blood cells, -all cells- are governed by the laws of nature, -not- your chosen belief system.

The laws of nature -are- the underlying mechanisms of how everything works. Science identifies and describes the laws of nature. Problems often occur with the interpretation and application of science, rather than with science itself.  The all too typical…”science doesn’t explain everything” argument cannot be inserted each time one’s comfort zone is challenged. The all too typical…”its genetic” argument cannot be inserted each time one cannot explain something. The laws of nature that control human cellular function are -not- governed by your chosen belief system or the dogma you have been indoctrinated into, or the dogma you refuse to set aside.

“Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.” —[Francis Bacon]


Critical Thinking is the opposite of blind engagement in group think. It is applied Intellectual Honesty.

In track & field distance running, in medicine, in psychology, and in parenting, critical thinking should consist of at least 2 main required actions.

[1] Always think and reason in terms of underlying mechanisms of how things work.

[2] Respond to any assumption, especially your own, with the question….why is that. Be willing to give and embrace an intellectually honest answer.

“Refrain from illusions, insist on work and not words, patiently seek divine and scientific truth.”—[Maria Mendeleeva]


To be a good track coach one must -first- be a good physiologist.

To be a good medical doctor one must -first- be a good physiologist..

To be a good physiologist one must -first- be willing to…………

— put data ahead of dogma, follow the data -not- the crowd

— put science ahead of indoctrinated tradition

— put logic and reason ahead of faulty assumptions

— put mechanisms ahead of correlations and “risk factors”

— put critical thinking and clinical reasoning ahead of a memorized set of “if–then” statements

— read and apply large amounts of published research

— accept outcomes as the judge and jury of your work



TheETG Track & Field Promotions Project —–

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2018 professional Track & Field TV schedule

—– May 20, Sunday – 1:00pm NBCSN – Boston Games [Boston, Massachusetts]

—– May 20, Sunday – 2:00pm NBC – Boston Games [Boston, Massachusetts]

—– May 26, Saturday – 4:00pm NBC – Prefontaine Classic [Eugene, Oregon]

—– May 31, Thursday – 2:00pm NBCSN — Diamond League [Rome, Italy]

—– June 7, Thursday – 1:00pm ESPN3 – NCAA Championships [Eugene, Oregon]

—– June 7, Thursday – 2:00pm NBCSN — Diamond League [Oslo, Norway]

—– June 8, Friday – 3:30pm ESPN3 – college meet…NCAA Championships [Eugene, Oregon]

—– June 8, Friday – 8:30pm ESPN – college meet…NCAA Championships [Eugene, Oregon]

—– June 9, Saturday – 2:30pm ESPN3 – college meet…NCAA Championships [Eugene, Oregon]

—– June 9, Saturday – 6:30pm ESPN – college meet…NCAA Championships [Eugene, Oregon]

—– June 10, Sunday – 10:00am NBCSN — Diamond League [Stockholm, Sweden]

—– June 22, Friday – 11:00pm NBCSN – USA Track & Field Championships [Des Moines, Iowa]

—– June 23, Saturday – 4:00pm NBC – USA Track & Field Championships [Des Moines, Iowa]

—– June 24, Sunday – 4:00pm NBC – USA Track & Field Championships [Des Moines, Iowa]

—– July 5, Thursday – 8:00pm NBCSN — Diamond League [Lausanne, Switzerland]

—– July 14, Saturday – 2:30pm NBCSN — Diamond League [Rabat, Morocco]

—– July 21, Saturday – 1:30pm NBCSN — Diamond League [Monaco]

—– July 23, Monday – 6:00pm NBCSN — Diamond League [London, United Kingdom]

—– August 18, Saturday – 3:00pm NBCSN — Diamond League [Birmingham, United Kingdom]

—– August 30, Thursday – 2:00pm NBCSN — Diamond League [Zurich, Switzerland]

—– August 31, Friday – 7:00pm NBCSN – Diamond League [Brussels, Belgium]



—– January — time/channel coming — Armory Track Invitational [New York]

—– February — time/channel coming — Milrose Games [New York]

—– February — time/channel coming — New Balance Indoor Grand Prix [Boston, Massachusetts]

—– February — time/channel coming — Indoor USA Track & Field Championships

—– April — time/channel coming — Texas Relays [Austin Texas]

—– May  – time/channel coming – Diamond League [Doha, Qatar]

—– May – time/channel coming – Diamond League [Shanghai, China]

—– August — time/channel coming — World Track & Field Championships [Doha, Qatar]


—– 2021 — [time/channel coming] — World Track & Field Championships [Eugene, Oregon]




The ETG Competent Self-Care Project



A major part of TheETG mission is to expand the area of what is possible in competent self-care in medicine and psychology. TheETG’s primary method of achieving that is to proliferate applied science based information by way of –free– packets containing plain language info for “the average joe” seeking to move themselves or others forward in these areas.

These packets attempt to address the following problem………….



Competent Self-Care: Medicine…….The best medicine comes with no risk-versus-benefit equations to contemplate, no daily violations of “first, do no harm”, no whac-a-mole medicine being practiced to medicate each health issue as it pops up. To be a good doctor one must -first- be a good physiologist. And in order to have a fully functioning health care system available to all human beings in America its core must be comprised of competent self-care and good physiologists.

Competent Self-Care: Psychology…….So-called “mental health professionals” should practice more mental health and less pharmacology. The goal of applied psychology is to empower people to achieve self-mastery. This should be the goal of competent self-care and all psychologists. Parenting….dysfunction moves from the parents, into the home, into the kids, into the streets, into the norm. Personal growth toward being a fully functional human being can move from the parents, into the home, into the kids, into the streets, into the norm.

see the free pdf packets on “Competent Self-Care Packets” page of this website.


To be a good medical patient one must -first- be a good consumer.

To be a good consumer of health care services one must be willing to….

put fixing a problem ahead of medicating one

discern between what is known and what -your- doctor knows

put outcomes ahead of loyalty to your doctor and your doctor’s kind demeanor

put your life ahead of loyalty to your doctor

avoid emtionalizing disease and allowing emotion to make health care choices

avoid seeking a 2nd opinion from practitioners of the same brand name of medicine that produced the first one




TheETG Medical Message Of The Day


“Lithium in tap water was previously found to have life-extending effects across 18 Japanese municipalities. Using a larger dataset with several Texas counties, our study shows that lithium concentrations in tap water are negatively associated with all-cause mortality and years of potential life lost.”
“Thus, our present findings extend and reinforce lithium’s purported life-prolonging effect in humans.”
“Lithium is an essential trace element that is most commonly known for its use in treating bipolar disorder, albeit at relatively high doses (900–1200mg per day) where adverse events including renal damage, thyroid disorders, and gastrointestinal disturbances have been observed. At much lower doses, lithium acts as a nutrient exerting positive effects not only on mental health but also on cognitive function.”
“…..the effects of trace lithium on lifespan are impressive since the concentrations of lithium in water can be 1000-fold less than the therapeutic doses used for bipolar disorder.”
“Here, we examined the association between trace lithium and all cause-mortality with a much larger dataset using data readily obtained from 234 counties in Texas, United States. We also examined the association between trace lithium and premature death as indicated by years of potential life lost.”

“….our study is observational and ecological in its design, and therefore a causal link between lithium exposure and reduced mortality may not be established. Although life-long intervention studies in humans may not be feasible, our study enhances the generalizability of the findings from Zarse et al. (2011), and reinforces the notion that lithium may extend lifespan in humans.”
“….lithium is a well-known inhibitor of glycogen synthase kinase 3, and glycogen synthase kinase 3 inhibition has been shown to be required for lithium’s life-prolonging effects…..”
“….low-dose lithium treatment also alters histone methylation, chromatin remodelling, and mitochondrial turnover, which can all influence longevity…..”
V.A.Fajardoab, P.J.LeBlancab, V.A.Fajardoc
Trace lithium in Texas tap water is negatively associated with all-cause mortality and premature death
Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism – Volume 43 #4 – April 2018

from the Journal Of The American Medical Association……
“Increased frequency of sauna bathing is associated with a reduced risk of sudden cardiac death, fatal coronary heart disease, fatal cardiovascular disease, and all-cause mortality.”
“We performed a prospective cohort study of a population-based sample of 2315 middle-aged (age range, 42-60 years) men from Eastern Finland.”
“……median follow-up of 20.7 years (interquartile range, 18.1-22.6 years)”
“A traditional Finnish sauna has dry air (humidity 10%-20%) with a relatively high temperature. The recommended temperature for a sauna is usually 80°C to 100°C at the level of the bather’s face. Humidity is temporarily increased by throwing water on the hot rocks of the sauna heater.”
“Men were divided into groups on the basis of the frequency of sauna bathing (1, 2-3, and 4-7 times per week) and the duration of a sauna bathing session (less than 11 minutes, 11-19 minutes, and greater than 19 minutes).”
Facebook friends research scientist Rhonda Patrick and husband Daniel in San Diego, Calfornia own the “Found My Fitness” website. Via their website they proliferate free, empowering research information in nutrition medicine and health via video of Rhonda’s lectures as well as her extensive interviews of leading researchers.
Rhonda went to Finland, interviewed the author of the sauna study. Her podcast episode……..

Facebook friends research scientist Rhonda Patrick and husband Daniel in San Diego, Calfornia own the “Found My Fitness” website. Via their website they proliferate free, empowering research information in nutrition medicine and health via video of Rhonda’s lectures as well as her extensive interviews of leading researchers……..
[Rhonda Patrick PhD]—“A new study found that using the sauna was associated with a decrease in a biomarker of inflammation (CRP) in a dose-dependent manner. The more frequent the sauna use…the more robust the effect of lowering inflammation. This study was published early this year from with one of the world’s leading sauna researchers, Dr. Jari Laukkanen.”
“To learn more about the effects of using the sauna on human health check out my podcast with Dr. Jari Laukkanen”:
[study]—–“Using the sauna 2-3 times per week (20 minutes at 174º F) was associated with: 27% lower cardiovascular disease risk, 24% lower all-cause mortality, and a 20% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease compared to men that only used the sauna one time per week. Using the sauna 4-7 times per week (20 minutes at 174º F) was associated with: 50% lower cardiovascular disease risk, 40% lower all-cause mortality, and a 66% lower risk of dementia and a 65% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease compared to men that used the sauna once a week.”

TheETG menu’s 4 vegetables;
Broccoli, cucumber, carrot, Romano tomato
To increase delivery of fat soluble substances contained in these vegetables I add a source of fat via Australian macnut oil poured on top of the vegetables. Contains minerals and essential fats.


“When tomatoes and broccoli are eaten together, we see an additive effect. We think it’s because different bioactive compounds in each food work on different anti-cancer pathways…”
[John Erdman, Professor of Food Science, University of Illinois]
Placing mechanical or physical stress [ie. cutting them, then chewing them] activates plant chemicals contained in them, increasing their impact on brain cells, immune system, and other cells in the body.
iso-thio-cya-nates, sulforaphane……activate specific genes in our cells for anti-oxidant enzymes and detoxifying enzymes, most of them referred to collectively as Phase 2 enzymes. Believed to be among the main mechanisms by which certain vegetables have the ability to prevent cancer and heart disease. Aside from supplying anti-oxidants in the vegetables themselves they have this ability to cause cells in our body to produce other anti-oxidants as well.
“Sulforaphane, one of the most important isothiocyanates in the human diet, present in cruciferous vegetables, is known to have chemopreventive activities in different tissues.”

“The observed Sulforaphane-induced upregulation of phase II enzymes was accompanied by a significant increase in nuclear erythroid 2 p45-related factor 2 expression and correlated with a significant increase in total antioxidant capacity…..”

M.Malaguti, et al
Sulforaphane treatment protects skeletal muscle against damage induced by exhaustive exercise in rats
Journal Of Applied Physiology…….Volume 107……August 2009……page1028


symptoms of Alzheimer’s –vs– fat soluble form of vitamin B1
— Mini-Mental Status Examination = measurement of cognitive function.
Maximum score is 30 points.
Score of 20 to 24 suggests mild dementia,
Score of 13 to 20 suggests moderate dementia,
Score of 12 and below indicates severe dementia.
The score of a person with Alzheimer’s declines 2 to 4 points each year

— benfotiamine = a fat soluble form of the water soluble B vitamin called Thiamine, also known as Vitamin B1, has better bioavailability than thiamine, and does better at getting into the brain

background info…..
Xiaoli Pan, et al. Zhongshan Hospital, Shanghai, China……..
—– “A disturbance of brain glucose metabolism is one of the most important pathophysiological features, and precedes the overt symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease by decades…..”
—– “Both the Thiamine diphosphate level and the activity of Thiamine diphosphate-dependent enzymes are significantly reduced in blood and brain autopsy samples from Alzheimer’s disease patients….Thiamine diphosphate reduction is a significant biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis……disruption of thiamine metabolism directly contributes to Alzheimer’s disease pathogenesis by perturbing glucose utilization and by activating multiple pathophysiological cascades in the brain.”
—– “The better bioavailability and the pharmacological effects via multiple mechanisms against abnormal glucose metabolism and its consequences may explain why benfotiamine administration but not thiamine supplementation had a long-term beneficial effect on cognitive ability in Alzheimer’s disease patients.”
—– “befotiamine has beneficial effects against abnormal glucose metabolism and its consequences via multiple mechanisms, including the elimination of oxidative stress and the inhibition of glycogen synthase kinase-3, which are both considered to be major pathogenic factors that cause neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease“


“Here, we report that long-term administration of benfotiamine improved the cognitive ability of patients with Alzheimer’s disease.”
“Five patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease received oral benfotiamine (300mg daily) over 18 months.”
“All patients received oral benfotiamine (300mg/day; Doctor’s Best, Irvine, California) over 18 months.”

“All patients were examined by positron emission tomography with Pittsburgh compound B (PiB-PET) and exhibited positive imaging with β-amyloid deposition, and three received PiB-PET imaging at follow-up.”
“The five patients exhibited cognitive improvement as assayed by the Mini-Mental Status Examination with an average increase of 3.2 points at month 18 of benfotiamine administration.”

“The three patients who received follow-up PiB-PET had a 36.7% increase in the average standardized uptake value ratio in the brain compared with that in the first scan. Importantly, the MMSE scores of these three had an average increase of 3 points during the same period. Benfotiamine significantly improved the cognitive abilities of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease patients independently of brain amyloid accumulation.”

“These results indicate that brain dysfunction may be independent of amyloid deposition and that the disease progression can be halted in the dementia stage of Alzheimer’s disease.

“Our study showed that Alzheimer’s disease patients with mild-to-moderate dementia manifested a long-term (over 18 months) improvement in cognitive ability after benfotiamine administration, despite the progressive exacerbation of brain amyloid accumulation as evaluated by PiB-PET scans.”

“These results reveal two important messages: (1) the progression of brain dysfunction in the dementia stage of Alzheimer’s disease can be halted and even improved
(2) the alteration of cognitive capability is independent of brain amyloid accumulation, which is consistent with previous results showing that the reduction of brain amyloid accumulation by vaccines, antibodies, or β- and γ-secretase inhibitors has little beneficial effect on the cognitive ability and disease progression….”

Xiaoli Pan, et al
Long-Term Cognitive Improvement After Benfotiamine Administration in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease
Neuroscience Bulletin – Volume 32 #6 – December 2016 – page 591


one of the National Institutes of Health funded clinical trials in the United States…….
Gary Gibson PhD, Burke Medical Research Institute, White Plains, New York

supplement used in this study $14 on amazon


see the free pdf packets “Competent Self-Care Packets” page of this website.

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Mind-body medicine is founded on the basic principle that the brain controls or influences the function of all cells in the body by direct connection to them via the nervous system, or via chemical interaction via release of hormones or substances called neuro-peptides.

Hence the importance of and awareness of the existence of mind-body medicine. And the importance of utilizing mind-body medicine and integrating into the practice of medicine in the United States.