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Expanding the area of what is possible

In Track & Field Distance Running & Competent Self-Care in medicine and psychology



As you continue to acquire and apply more information you continue to expand the area of what is possible.

“I don’t know that there is any magic level of interest in science that people ought to have. But the more they understand, the more they will be able to control their destiny and achieve their other aims.” —[Stephen Hawking]


Data-less conclusions founded upon faulty assumptions are the mother of all screw-ups.

They lead to human belief systems that quickly get set in stone insuring that new information gets shouted down as group think, ego, and resistance to change supplant data, logic and reason. In all areas of applied science and particularly in anything having to do with human performance, age & aging, and “its genetic”…..avoid group think, pursue critical thinking, engage in intellectual honesty.

Put data ahead of dogma. Follow the data -not- the crowd.

“In God we trust…Everyone else must bring data.” —[W.Edwards Deming]


The functioning of brain cells, muscle cells, blood cells, -all cells- are governed by the laws of nature, -not- your chosen belief system.

The laws of nature -are- the underlying mechanisms of how everything works. Science identifies and describes the laws of nature. Problems often occur with the interpretation and application of science, rather than with science itself.  The all too typical…”science doesn’t explain everything” argument cannot be inserted each time one’s comfort zone is challenged. The all too typical…”its genetic” argument cannot be inserted each time one cannot explain something. The laws of nature that control human cellular function are -not- governed by your chosen belief system or the dogma you have been indoctrinated into, or the dogma you refuse to set aside.

“Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.” —[Francis Bacon]


Critical Thinking is the opposite of blind engagement in group think. It is applied Intellectual Honesty.

In track & field distance running, in medicine, in psychology, and in parenting, critical thinking should consist of at least 2 main required actions.

[1] Always think and reason in terms of underlying mechanisms of how things work.

[2] Respond to any assumption, especially your own, with the question….why is that. Be willing to give and embrace an intellectually honest answer.

“Refrain from illusions, insist on work and not words, patiently seek divine and scientific truth.”—[Maria Mendeleeva]


To be a good track coach one must -first- be a good physiologist.

To be a good medical doctor one must -first- be a good physiologist..

To be a good physiologist one must -first- be willing to…………

— put data ahead of dogma, follow the data -not- the crowd

— put science ahead of indoctrinated tradition

— put logic and reason ahead of faulty assumptions

— put mechanisms ahead of correlations and “risk factors”

— put critical thinking and clinical reasoning ahead of a memorized set of “if–then” statements

— read and apply large amounts of published research

— accept outcomes as the judge and jury of your work



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Professional Track & Field on TV


—– New Balance Indoor Grand Prix…..Boston, Massachusetts [time & channel details coming]


—– Armory Track Invitational…..New York, New York [time & channel details coming]

—– Milrose Games…..New York, New York [time & channel details coming]


—– indoor USA Track & Field Championships [time & channel details coming]

—– indoor World Track & Field Championships [time & channel details coming]


—–  World Relay Championships…..Nassau Bahamas [time & channel details coming]

—– Penn Relays…..Philadelphia Pennsylvania [time & channel details coming]

—– Drake Relays…..Des Moines, Iowa [time & channel details coming]


—– Diamond League…..Doha, Qatar [time & channel details coming]

—– Diamond League…..Shanghai, China [time & channel details coming]

—– Prefontaine Classic…..Eugene Oregon [time & channel details coming]


—– [non-pro meet] NCAA Track & Field Championships…..[time & channel details coming]

—– Diamond League…..Oslo, Norway [time & channel details coming]

—– Diamond League…..Stockholm, Sweden [time & channel details coming]

—– USA Track & Field Championships [time & channel details coming]

2018…..July & August

—– Diamond League…..Lausanne [time & channel details coming]

—– Diamond League…..London, United Kingdom [time & channel details coming]

—– Diamond League…..Rabat, Morocco [time & channel details coming]

—– Diamond League…..Monaco [time & channel details coming]

—– Diamond League…..Lausanne [time & channel details coming]

—– Diamond League…..Birmingham, United Kingdom [time & channel details coming]

—– Diamond League…..Zurich Switzerland [time & channel details coming]

—– Diamond League…..Brussels Belgium,[time & channel details coming]


2019 —– World Track & Field Championships…..Doha, Qatar [time & channel details coming]

2021 —– World Track & Field Championships…..Eugene, Oregon [time & channel details coming]




The ETG Competent Self-Care Project



A major part of TheETG mission is to expand the area of what is possible in competent self-care in medicine and psychology. TheETG’s primary method of achieving that is to proliferate applied science based information by way of –free– packets containing plain language info for “the average joe” seeking to move themselves or others forward in these areas.

These packets attempt to address the following problem………….



Competent Self-Care: Medicine…….The best medicine comes with no risk-versus-benefit equations to contemplate, no daily violations of “first, do no harm”, no whac-a-mole medicine being practiced to medicate each health issue as it pops up. To be a good doctor one must -first- be a good physiologist. And in order to have a fully functioning health care system available to all human beings in America its core must be comprised of competent self-care and good physiologists.

Competent Self-Care: Psychology…….So-called “mental health professionals” should practice more mental health and less pharmacology. The goal of applied psychology is to empower people to achieve self-mastery. This should be the goal of competent self-care and all psychologists. Parenting….dysfunction moves from the parents, into the home, into the kids, into the streets, into the norm. Personal growth toward being a fully functional human being can move from the parents, into the home, into the kids, into the streets, into the norm.

see the free pdf packets on “Competent Self-Care Packets” page of this website.


To be a good medical patient one must -first- be a good consumer.

To be a good consumer of health care services one must be willing to….

put fixing a problem ahead of medicating one

discern between what is known and what -your- doctor knows

put outcomes ahead of loyalty to your doctor and your doctor’s kind demeanor

put your life ahead of loyalty to your doctor

avoid emtionalizing disease and allowing emotion to make health care choices

avoid seeking a 2nd opinion from practitioners of the same brand name of medicine that produced the first one




TheETG Medical Message Of The Day


“The term hidden elder is used in Chinese society to describe older adults who are socially isolated and refuse social participation. Substantial evidence has indicated the important role of social isolation in increasing psychiatric morbidity and mortality risks in later life.“
”Innovative service is promptly needed to address the social and psychological health needs of hidden elders. We aimed to test the feasibility and the preliminary effectiveness of a peer-assisted tai-chi-qigong programme in strengthening social networks and enhancing psychosocial wellbeing of Chinese hidden elders.”
”In the 3-month tai-chi-qigong programme, participants practiced two 60-min sessions each week, during which they were paired up with socially active older adults.“
”Participants who received the peer-assisted tai-chi-qigong programme generally showed better improvement in outcomes than the control group. With support from peer elders, the compliance rate of elders participating in tai-chi-qigong was 71%.”
“This pilot study showed that peer-assisted tai-chi-qigong is a feasible social intervention for hidden elders. A full-scale trial is needed to assess the possible benefits for social and physical health.”
A.W.K.Chan, et al
Effects of a peer-assisted tai-chi-qigong programme on social isolation and psychological wellbeing in Chinese hidden elders: a pilot randomised controlled trial
The Lancet — Volume 388, Supplement 1 — October 2016, Page S23
“This study included 18,676 adults aged 80–122 years from the Chinese Longitudinal Healthy Longevity Survey…..”
“In a large sample of Chinese oldest old, we found a dose-response association between psychological wellbeing and all-cause mortality. Our results, if substantiated by future research, suggest that psychological factors in older age might have a role in longevity.”
E.Gong, et al
Psychological wellbeing and all-cause mortality in the oldest old in China: a longitudinal survey-based study
The Lancet — Volume 388, Supplement 1 — October 2016, Page S22

Weight Loss
The beginning of getting control over your food consumption………
— Give away or throw away the plates you have today.
— replace the plates you use with plates that are –no larger– than 6 to 7 inches across
— eat out one fewer time per week.
— at fast food places, move away from the large drinks, get the small drink plus a water.
— Binge eating….if you binge on snack foods several times per week [or per day] focus on stopping –one- of them
— Binge eating….focus less on how much you’re eating and more on aggressively getting to the bottom of “what’s eating you”.
“Begin with the end in mind”
[Stephen Covey]
The greatest act of self-sabotage is to engage in dieting. For example….
— person X weighs 250, wants to weigh 200
— person X diets and thus eats like someone that weighs 120, rather than someone that weighs 200.
— person X losses weight
— person X gradually discovers he/she can’t keep eating like a 120 pound person forever
— person X stops the diet and regains the weight that was lost, plus a few more pounds
Begin with the end in mind. If you want to weigh 200 then eat like you will eat when you weigh 200 pounds.
Perform This Task
Visit an antique shop. Look at the standard plate size in the1920’s – 50’s. Compare them to what you have in your kitchen cabinets today. The first thing that goes through people’s minds when they go to smaller plates is….”how do I fit all my food on such a small plate”. That’s pretty much the point. You don’t fit [and can’t] fit all the volume of food you’re accustomed to eating on the small plate.
Update Your Brain’s Programming
Adopt the self-image and life style of the person you want to be. Take advantage of the brain and its ability to be programmed.
Write sentences of positive Affirmations. Use Visualizations….”The me I see is the me I’ll be”.

Nutrition 101
Low fat diets are -not- your friend.
All fats are -not- created equal…..
— good = animal & nuts = grass fed beef, cold water fish, fish oil, mac nut oil
— bad = vegetable oils = corn oil, canola oil, soybean oil, etc
— ugly = from heavily processed foods = potatoe chips, etc
Refrigerators and freezers.
Americans have gone off the rails.
Refrigerators and freezers being used, not to slow or prevent food decay, but for avoiding trips to the grocery. Stocking food for consumption, not for 24 – 72 hours as was the ballpark original intent of the technological advance in our culture but for 3 to 4 weeks or 3 to 4 months.
Nutrients in foods aren’t permanent fixtures. Those supposed healthy nutrient dense foods sitting in your fridge on day 6 or day 16. The nutrient content on day 6 isn’t the same as that on day 2 or day 3. The nutrient content of that stuff in the freezer isn’t the same on week 3 as it was on day 3.
Lets all agree to pull back a bit.
If you own a car and you’re not a chef cooking for the Brady Bunch every day and night, lets get some empty space in that fridge and in that freezer. On the doors, on the top racks. Lets return to using the appliance primarily for something in the ballpark of the original intent back in the day, forcing us all to consume more nutrients, less food, and engage in less gluttony.
Lets get away from the “Costo buy in bulk” mentality in food purchases. Lets leave that for toilet paper and paper towels. When it comes to the stuff we put into our bodies lets head in a different direction.
Buy it today, eat it today or tomorrow or the next day. Not next week or next month.
Cook it tomorrow, eat it tomorrow or the next day. Not next week or next month.
The goal is “paltry”.
The word you want somebody to come closest to when they open your refrigerator and freezer doors and describe what they see… opposed to OMG!.
“Eating well”.
If you grew up in America and want to move into the realm of “eating well”, or eating better, or eating “healthy”, you are at some point going to have to confront and overcome the cultural dogma you were indoctrinated into. The purpose here being to provide you with a clean slate from which to get started learning how to “eat well”.
Cultural dogma #1 = Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The cultural dogma of “3 square meals a day”, each with a designated time frame. Ya gotta lose this.
Cultural dogma #2 = Each meal has to be comprised of a balanced consumption of food items from a set of identified food groups. Ya gotta let this go too.
Cultural dogma #3 = Food item X is a “breakfast” food, not to be consumed outside the designated time frame. Food item Z is a dinner food, not to be consumed outside the designated time frame.
Cultural dogma #4 = all snack foods, desert foods, and psuedo-meal foods are the same…..They’re all “junk foods”.
Reality… items such as organic thin crust “supreme” pizzas are among –the– most nutrient dense food items known to man.
Reality… items such as organic apple pie, organic cheese cake contain extraordinarily high levels of cell–necessary poly and mono unsaturated fatty acids, essential for brain function, immune cell function, and for production and repair of cell membranes throughout the human body.
In the quest to “eat well” its necessary to put data ahead of dogma.

Avoiding so-called “junk foods” that are packed with nutrients won’t help you eat well. Avoiding some foods in the evening because they’re “breakfast foods” won’t help you eat well. Avoiding some foods in the morning because they’re “dinner foods” won’t help you eat well.
To “eat well” you’re gonna have to remove the artificial, culturally indoctrinated time of day designations from food items.
Not all fats are the same.
Eating “a low fat diet” is more likely to prevent you from consuming required levels of essential fats than it is to help you with weight loss or maintaining weight loss…..and more likely to contribute to long term health problems that will begin showing up in no uncertain terms in your 50’s and 60’s.
The word “calorie” has no place in human nutrition.
Your cells don’t care about how many calories you consume.
They don’t care about what percentage of the food you consume is comprised of fat, protein, or carbohydrate.
They care about grams, milligrams, micro-grams, nano-grams of nutrients.
And they don’t do averages…..X calories per day. They do absolutes.
The cells of your body need what they need when they need it.
Today’s needs are not tomorrow’s or last week’s.
Learn to think and reason in these terms.
Once you’ve deleted the dogma, creating a standardized nutrient dense written food plan that repeats every few days may prove to be the easiest approach to truly getting started “eating well”, eating better, eating “healthy”.


The “medicare for everybody” proposal.
Lets do the math.
Today we spend over $3 trillion each year, about $10,000 per person.
“Medicare for everybody” is projected to cost about $1.5 trillion each year.
Today we give about $1 trillion each year to insurance companies.

We spend $350 billion out of pocket.
That would likely go unchanged by a “medicare for everybody” approach as many wealthy folks would likely continue to do as they please.
Combined medicare + medicaid we spend about $1 trillion each year.
We spend about $20,000 per year, per person over age 65.
Pretty easy to assert that spreading the cost across more payers is a logical long term approach. Like social security, folks that can afford to do as they please can continue to do as they please.
Prior to asserting that there’ll be an increase in a wait times to see a doctor one should examine the –current– state of things today. Before citing issues in Canada, look at what happens here, particularly in states that have doctor shortages. There’s a reason we’ve been literally importing doctors from other countries.

Save talk radio talking points for talk radio.
They have no place in a reality based, fact based discussion about healthcare in America.

“Increases in C-reactive protein from childhood to adolescence predict sleep apnea in adolescence.”
“Increased waist circumference correlates with C-reactive protein increases in boys.”

“During adolescence, boys develop more central adiposity than girls.”

“Inflammation mediates the association between waist circumference and apnea severity.”
J.Gaines, et al
Increased inflammation from childhood to adolescence predicts sleep apnea in boys: A preliminary study
Brain, Behavior, and Immunity — Volume 64 — August 2017 — page 259


see the free pdf packets “Competent Self-Care Packets” page of this website.

see more blog entries by clicking on one of the entries….then click on “archives” or page down and click on “more entries”.




TheETG Human Psychology Message Of The Day


“Empirical evidence suggests that power elicits a generic tendency to disregard advice. We examined different responses power holders may show in their tendency to take advice depending on the construal of power.”

“We report a field study and an experiment among managers and other powerful professionals and an experiment in which participants were assigned to a powerful role. Across studies, we found a higher tendency to take advice among those who construed their power as a responsibility rather than as an opportunity.”

“This effect of the construal of power on advice taking was mediated by a heightened perceived value of advice, not by decreased confidence in own judgments or sense of power. Accordingly, the increase in advice taking when power was construed as a responsibility was observed regardless of whether the advice came from subordinates, expert advisors, or a less powerful teammate.”

“This highlights the relevance of considering how power holders construe their power in order to understand their tendency to take advice from others.”

F.R.C. De Wit, et al
Whether power holders construe their power as responsibility or opportunity influences their tendency to take advice from others
Journal of Organizational Behavior — Volume 38 #7 — September 2017 — page 923

“Recent data suggest that ghrelin is involved in the pathophysiology of alcohol use disorders, affecting alcohol self-administration and craving.”

“Gastric ghrelin secretion is reduced by stomach distension.”

“In this randomized human laboratory study, we included 23 alcohol-dependent male inpatient subjects who underwent alcohol cue exposure. Participants of the intervention group drank 1000 ml of mineral water within 10 minutes directly thereafter, compared to the participants of the control group who did not.”

“In the intervention group, a significant decrease in acetylated ghrelin in plasma compared to the control group was observed.”

“This decrease was correlated to a reduction in patients’ subjective level of craving.”

“In the control group, no decrease of acetylated ghrelin in plasma and no association between alcohol craving and changes in plasma concentrations of acetylated ghrelin were observed.”

“Our results present new evidence that the modulation in the ghrelin system by oral water intake mediates the effects of volume intake with craving reduction in alcohol use disorders.”

A. Koopmann, et al.
Drinking water to reduce alcohol craving? A randomized controlled study on the impact of ghrelin in mediating the effects of forced water intake in alcohol addiction
Psychoneuroendocrinology — Volume 85 — November 2017 — page 56


ETG info: addiction —–

Our Kindergarten thru college…educational system.
Is one where we blindly hope that millions of folks live in households where self-worth is synonymous with good grades, and thus everyone behaves accordingly in school regardless of curriculum content or quality of presentation.
— where we value grades, diplomas, and degrees over critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem solving ability

— Where we want you to read, acquire, and understand large quantities of information without teaching you learning skills [reading velocity, photographic memory, audio recording memory]

— Where we want you to sit at a desk for 6 hours a day though we know that physical activity is required for normal brain function in information acquisition, storage, and recall ability.

— Where most of the information we expect you to acquire is information you can use only on a trivia TV game show, and we’ll spend $Billions testing you on it and prepping you for those tests, and spend hours arguing about whether or not we should use the standardized tests and teach to those tests

— Where the cliché phrase, a “well rounded education” is a code phrase academicians use to put lipstick on a pig

— Where the letters “AP” are a badge of honor for teenager and parent that many colleges choose to ignore, not a class offering information you’ll need to know in life or on your future job

TheETG school curriculum —–…/TheETGschoolcurriculum.pdf

TheETG academic training —–

Our country has reached a point where a number of folks on the FBI watch list have carried out attacks. A number of folks in counseling with a psychologist have carried out rapes, child molestations, spouse assault, etc, etc.
Obviously we’re not gonna fix these situations on the civil liberties side of things. That leaves the human psychology side.
The place that as a country we’ve been unwilling to go because “touchy feely” isn’t allowed here.
Therefore in our homes and at our schools we produce socially acceptable sociopaths at epidemic levels with no concern until somebody acts out. You need a license to drive to down the street to the corner store but only need a sperm and an egg to be a parent. And we’re ok with that.

Rage-aholics, molesters, serial rapists. Since we don’t understand the psychology [or don’t want to] we stamp it all as “its genetic”.

Stomp the feet, pump the fist, call somebody a low-life scumbag.
That is now officially the United States Of America’s stereotyped standardized response to the date rapist, the wife beater, the school shooter, the child molester, the serial killer, etc, etc.

Its the 21rst century.
Lets decide its ok to rap our brains around human psychology.
We don’t have to be know-nothings. Its the “information age” we know something.
Gotta be willing though to part ways with the Sigmun Freud, the prescription pad, the time-out and the spanking, slapping, yelling and enter the current century to do the teaching of real mental health and real parenting.
TheETG Model Of Understanding Serial Rapist, Serial Killer, Child Molester…/TheETGunderstandingserialrapek…

TheETG Parenting Packet

TheETG Human Psychology Packet


Major Mechanisms of a Functional Romantic Relationship

1. Stability, Security, Expectations

Commitment is a verb, reflected in one’s —–planned and purposeful actions—– to create…stability, secure attachment, and emotional security. Both people must be committed to making deposits and investments into each other, major withdrawls avoided. Identify and share up front, major principles and ideals that each person values and lives by. Several major values must be common to both people, and each person must commit and have integrity to the common value system. Discuss expectations each person has of the other, and there must be a commitment to meet reasonable expectations each person has of the other. Create an environment of unconditional attention, affection, and praise.

2. Self-Development

Invest in your own self-development. Accept the challenge and opportunity to become more powerful within yourself. Avoid seeking to use your relationship as a distraction from yourself. Choose to never pick your relationship partner based on his/her ability or willingness to be a co-conspirator or facilitator in you maintaining your weaknesses, faults, personal problems, etc.. And always remember, there can be no relationship, without friendship. If there can be no friendship without the relationship………this highlights something within yourself, and is most likely a large part of why the relationship will have difficulty. There should never be a time before, during, or after the relationship when one says….”We can’t be friends”….I can never see you again”..,,,,”I will never speak to you again.”

3. Resolving Conflicts

Commitment to logic, reason, and rationality as the highest priority during conflicts. Commitment to creating solution oriented win-win situations in solving conflicts. Show kindness and love…always….no matter what! Remember that love is a verb. Never repay, evil for evil. Always do what is good for building up yourself, and your relationship partner. Avoid entering the typical contest of seeing which person can hurt the other more, or which person can make the other more jealous. Avoid using “the silent treatment” to communicate. Letters or other written communications are usually best, in that they allow you to speak uninterrupted, and express everything you want to communicate. Speak directly. Avoid using sarcasm and statements intended to hurt or shame. Avoid using “put-downs” to defend your hurt. Speak openly and directly to the person about what you feel….. “especially” if you feel hurt or frustrated. Be strong by giving yourself permission to feel hurt by what the person has said and/or done.


TheETG mechanisms of functional romantic relationships —–



see the free pdf packets, Medical Message Of The Day, and Human Psychology Message Of The Day on TheETG Competent Self-Care Packets page of this website.

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Mind-body medicine is founded on the basic principle that the brain controls or influences the function of all cells in the body by direct connection to them via the nervous system, or via chemical interaction via release of hormones or substances called neuro-peptides.

Hence the importance of and awareness of the existence of mind-body medicine. And the importance of utilizing mind-body medicine and integrating into the practice of medicine in the United States.