Amazing, all new, 21rst Century medical breakthroughs
Breaking news, this just in……
— An upset stomach isn’t caused by a Tums or Rolaids deficiency
— Depression isn’t caused by an anti-depressant deficiency
— Heart Disease isn’t caused by a cholesterol lowering drug deficiency
— Cancer isn’t caused by a chemotherapy or radiation deficiency
Our changing health care system.
Here are –your– new doctors. There are many.
Several are specialists. Meet with them regularly.
They will help you add decades of youthful living to your life.
Here are their names…..
Dr. Walking
Dr. Sleep
Dr. Sunset-watching
Dr. Down-Time
Dr. Nutrition
Dr. Laughter-StandupComedy
Dr. Strength training
Dr. Relaxation
Dr. Sunlight-Exposure
Dr. Yoga
Dr. Meditation
Dr. Jogging
Dr. Nutrient-Based-Medicine
Dr. Mind-Body Medicine


“Better health care will depend, not on some new therapeutic standard, but on the level of willingness and competence to engage in self care.”
[Dr. I. Illich….1978]