Long term repetitive episodes of anxiety and depression.
The area of the brain = the amygdala.
The pathway taken = PTSD to anxiety to depression-bipolar.
40 million Americans.
One or more drama-and-trauma life events….[bullied, war fighting, child abuse, car wreck, domestic violence, rape, getting hit by a car/bus/truck, etc] result in effects on brain cells, just as being hit on the head does in a traumatic brain injury event. Some cells in the amygdala get over activated for a long period of time, the pathway by which PTSD goes towards repetitive episodes of anxiety and depression.

Long term over-activation of cells in the amygdala results in a very high burn rate of nutrients essential for their normal functioning. With that comes long term under-supply. Some of those cells eventually become dysfunctioning cells….problems with production or utilization of dopamine, mono-amine oxidase, serotonin, etc.
This screws with your fear based thoughts, causing anxiety attacks, negative thoughts and memories that feed depression. Our amygdala’s job is to protect us. It generates fear based stuff to steer us away from doing things that might cause harm. It also houses fear based memories. When the functioning of some of those cells goes awry, problems result.

Many people can address the burn rate of the essential nutrients by increasing supply…..essential fats [a.k.a. fish oil], B-vitamins, probiotics, anti-oxidants [glutatione, selenium, resveratrol, E vitamins, vit C, carotenes]. If you’re willing to spend some money on a high grade, liquid fish oil and take about 3 grams per day with food for at least 3 months, you’ll tend to see fewer anxiety attacks as well as less depression. It ain’t cheap. “Nordic Naturals” is a relatively high grade brand. Quality matters, dosage matters….there’s hard data available on all of the above. Beware of folks that contradict that statement.

Many people can reduce the over-activation of amygdala cells, the brain cell overwork–overwhelm situation by pursuing Cognitive Behavior Therapy, also known as CBT. This can be done in person, over the phone, or via online consultations. Beware of psychologists and psychiatrists that claim to practice CBT but don’t. They’re like a medical doctor that wants to see athletes so they call themselves a “sports medicine” doctor. You’ll keep returning to them because you like them. The reason you have to keep returning to them is because they don’t practice CBT.

Beware of the doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist that engages in “cover your ass” mental health. Also known as CYA medicine. You walk into their office, say something about having suicidal thoughts, they immediately cover their ass by demanding that you start psyc meds. Beware of the medical doctor that blindly writes you prescriptions for psyc meds forever. The doctor is keeping you in an endless loop of supposed symptom management and non-verbally saying to you that there is no other approach that will work.

Tough times never last.
Tough people never do either.
The ability to be non-reactive to negative life events, to aggressively adapt to change quickly, and to be solution oriented as the main mechanism of escape from stress and turmoil….are major life skills to be learned. They tend to get omitted from the grade school, college, and graduate school curriculum.
At everyone’s peril.

We get inserted into a society where ya just have to hope things don’t head south too often and that everything will turnout Ok. Not a lotta guidance on how best to approach adversity. For all of us the drama and trauma of negative life events would be much easier to live through, live with, and/or resolve if the teaching and development of life skills were a bit more of a priority in our society. Intentionally developing some degree of mastery in this area advances the ball in multiple, permanent, life altering ways.
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