— That excellent doctor whose name you blindly got out of the yellow pages

— That doctor your insurance company blindly sent you to

— That excellent specialist you were blindly sent to by the doctor you blindly came upon

— That excellent doctor your friend blindy went to and blindly recommended to you

Jackpot! Congrats! You’re yet another magical American that somehow blindly happened upon an excellent practitioner of Traditional Medicine who’s practice is paradoxically founded upon research rather than tradition handed down at medical school. Your doctor is excellent, he/she smiles and sounds good, therefore it must be so.

You’re not getting hoodoo voodoo, they don’t practice that “Alternative” Medicine stuff. The truth if you’re willing to hear it……Some portion of the treatment from your practitioner of Traditional Medicine is contradicted by research, and is thus quackery. What percentage of the treatment you believe in from the doctor you believe in is quackery. That number is greater than zero and is likely to be greater than 50 as your diagnosis escalates up the chain in degree of seriousness.

Pretend that you believe that you and your life are worthy of better. Fake that until your self-image allows you to believe that its actually true and grants you permission to behave accordingly.

Become willing to do your homework rather than continue to believe that you’re yet another magical American that hit the lottery.

Become willing to take matters into your own hands.

Become willing to discard the story you’ve been telling yourself…..insurance doesn’t cover it, I can’t afford it, it won’t work for me I’m different.

“The doctors do not always know best and often fail to provide the appropriate care.”

[Consumer Reports On Health…..April 2002 — When Doctors Don’t Know Best]


“…..most doctors don’t read or understand medical research…”

Richard Smith [editor, British Medical Journal]………..Volume 326 #14……June 2003]


“…..too many doctors and patients are making decisions without the benefit of latest research…….A recent study for example, found that only half of all cardiac guidelines are based on scientific evidence.”

President Barack Obama…Speech to the American Medical Association [June 15, 2009]


“……the benefits that US health care currently deliver may not outweigh the aggregate health harm it imparts.”

Journal Of The American Medical Association…Volume 302 #1..July 1, 2009…page 89 – 91