“The aim of this meta-analysis of cohort studies was to investigate the association between food intake and dietary patterns and overall mortality among cancer survivors.””A total of 117 studies enrolling 209,597 cancer survivors were included.”

“Higher intakes of vegetables and fish were inversely associated with overall mortality, and higher alcohol consumption was positively associated with overall mortality….”

“Adherence to the highest category of diet quality was inversely associated with overall mortality, as was adherence to the highest category of a prudent/healthy dietary pattern. The Western dietary pattern was associated with increased risk of overall mortality.”

“Adherence to a high-quality diet and a prudent/healthy dietary pattern is inversely associated with overall mortality among cancer survivors, whereas a Western dietary pattern is positively associated with overall mortality in this population.”


Effect of diet on mortality and cancer recurrence among cancer survivors: a systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies

Nutrition Reviews — 74 #12 — December 2016 — page 737