Sarcopenia = loss of muscle mass
Sarcopenia and low protein intake are the leading combination of causes of decline and death in the elderly. The beginning of the end.
Strength train –throughout– your life!!!

“……muscle mass declines…….(termed sarcopenia).”
“In the United States, $18.5 billion of total direct health care costs in 2000 were attributable to sarcopenia…..”

“Frailty is what causes premature death. We don’t walk, we don’t carry our own suitcases. When we don’t exercise we get frail.”
[Dr. Mehmet Oz…Professor of Surgery, Columbia University]

“…..much of the decline in functional capacity with advancing age in physically inactive people is due to progressive disuse atrophy rather than the aging process per se.”
Sport Science Exchange Round Table…Gatorade Sport Science Institute…..Winter 1992

“In the knee extensors which are important for ambulation and weight-bearing function, a 30% decrease in whole muscle size occurs between the ages of 50 and 80 years. This whole muscle atrophy results….declines substantially between the sixth and eighth decades.”
“Resistance training has shown the most promise among interventions aimed to decrease the effects of sarcopenia….”
D.J. Kosek, et al
Efficacy of 3 days/wk resistance training on myofiber hypertrophy and myogenic mechanisms in young vs. older adults
Journal Of Applied Physiology…….Volume 101 #2, August 2006…….page 531 – 544

“Since not only maximal strength but the ability of the leg extensor muscles to develop force rapidly are both important performance characteristics contributing to several tasks of daily life such as climbing stairs, walking, or even prevention of falls and/or tips…”.
“In order to induce increases in explosive strength and power capacities, heavy resistance training also in older people should be combined with power type of strength training….”
K.Hakkinen, et al
Effects Of Heavy Resistance/Power Training On Maximal Strength, Muscle Morphology, And Hormonal Response Patterns In 60 -75 Year Old Men & Women
Canadian Journal Of Applied Physiology….Volume 27 #3….June 2002…page 213

“…..normal aging can be referred to as a slowly progressive neurogenic process, and the degeneration of the nervous system is considered as a major factor underlying the reductions in muscle mass and strength that occur with advancing age.”
Jan Lexell
Evidence for Nervous System Degeneration with Advancing Age
The Journal of Nutrition…..Volume 127 #5….May 1997… 1011S-1013S

“The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat,
can influence your life by 30 to 50 years.”
[Dr. Deepak Chopra]

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